How to fix pending endpoints in Discord

You want to enter the channel to chat with your friends by voice above dispute But keep getting error Waiting for the end point? Don’t worry, you are How to fix pending endpoint error is very simple.


Endpoint waiting for Discord error

Although it sounds complicated, the cause of the pending endpoint error is quite simple. I often encounter this problem when the computer and Discord’s voice server cannot connect. It does not allow data to be sent between machines, thus waiting for endpoint errors.

The most common solution is to change the server region for the voice channel or check the Internet connection if you have problems. Although this error is almost always resolved without effort – by restarting the server – sometimes the error is more complicated than you think.

Voice chat channel on Discord

How to fix pending endpoints in Discord

If you encounter a connection error on Discord, you should leave a message in the voice chat channel to inform other members of the situation.

Before trying other advanced solutions, consider restarting your computer. With the basics, a reboot will fix it. If not, try checking your internet connection by going to another website and opening the video. If you use a VPN, disable it.

Check if the Discord server is working

Server downtime is the most common cause of waiting endpoint errors. Because the server response failed, your device was unable to establish a connection and transfer data to the recipient

To verify that the closest Discord Voice server to your geographic location is currently running, go here And scroll down until you touch the Voice section.

Click on Voice and find the voice channel server used by Discord. If you don’t know which Discord server you’re connected to, check by hovering over the voice channel name and clicking settings (jagged icon). Then scroll down to Category region override and record the location of that server.

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If the server status Operative, it means that the server is working fine. You can continue with part 3 and 4 of this article. Otherwise, that server is currently offline. So all you can do now is walk around.

Discord server operating zone

Change the server location for the voice channel

If the default voice server is not working, you can try connecting to another region. This can cause communication issues and high ping, but it’s better than not having access to the voice chat channel.

To do this, hover over the channel name Voice and click on the icon settings. Therefore region overrideChoose a server that you know is running.

Check the active area of ​​the Discord server

clickk Save the changes To continue. All members of the voice chat channel will reconnect when the server location is changed. This action only takes a few seconds.

Restart Discord

If the Discord server works fine, you can be sure that the problem is with the Discord engine and the client. A good way to handle this is to restart the Discord app and start a new session.

To do this, disconnect from any voice chat channel you’re participating in and click the Close button in the upper-right corner of the window.

Make sure Discord is closed from the taskbar because the app runs in the background, even if you close its window. You can use it task manager To disable the Discord client. You should reboot the system to ensure that configuration settings are not the cause of this problem.

Update/reinstall the Discord client

If you can’t resolve the pending endpoint error in Discord, you can check if Discord needs to be updated. Discord automatically checks for updates every time you open it, so it’s always a good idea to check in these situations.

To check for updates, open Discord and press Ctrl + R on a Windows computer and Cmd + R on a Mac. Discord will reload for a moment and install an update if available. If that doesn’t work, try installing Discord.

Above are simple and effective ways to fix Discord pending endpoint errors I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 11:58 - 26/08/2023
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