How to fix Genshin Impact update error

Bug checked for Genshin effect update Let’s find out with How to fix verification error for Jenshin Impact Update Please!

Fixed Genshin Impact game update bug

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Despite the plagiarism controversy, Genshin Impact is still loved by many people due to its fun gameplay, beautiful graphics and characters, and is regularly updated. Each update of Genshin Impact always brings many interesting surprises to players, from thematic events, regions or new characters to improved game quality. So don’t hesitate Update Genshin Impact As fast as possible!

During the update process, you may encounter Jenshin Impact update verification errorFailed to connect to server if displayed Failed to check for updatesYou can follow the steps below to resolve the issue

How to fix Genshin Impact update error

  • How to fix Genshin Impact failing to check for updates
    • Close the game and restart it
    • Open Genshin Impact from the file manager
    • Disable VPN
    • Close the “Network Consumption” program.
    • Update Genshin Impact game manually
  • Fixed Genshin Impact game authentication error
  • Reinstall the Genshin Impact game

How to fix Genshin Impact failing to check for updates

This issue affects PC, PS4 and mobile players. This error tells you that you cannot check for game updates in Genshin Impact. If not, try one of the following solutions:

Close the game and restart it

Yes, this is a simple but effective method in most cases. Restart Genshin Impact on PC by going to task manager Ctrl + Alt + DeleteThen close the game before opening a new one.

similar, Restart the game Genshin Effect on PS4 And mobile can also solve the problem.

Open Genshin Impact from the file manager

If reopening Genshin Impact doesn’t work, you might have a problem with the shortcut to open the game on your PC. Now, go to the file manager, find the Genshin Impact folder and open the game there.

Note, this fix does not apply to Genshin Impact on PS4 and Mobile.

Disable VPN

When updating Genshin Impact, you need a stable network connection to download all necessary files. If you use VPN services to secure your network, consider turning them off when updating or downloading games

A VPN is a great option if you want to surf the web securely, a VPN can disrupt your connection because it controls data access. To protect data privacy, a VPN changes the default IP address and manages access to servers far away from your physical location. This can cause Genshin Impact Android, iOS or PC error.

Disable VPN while updating Genshin Impact

So, consider disabling VPN and try updating Genshin Impact game again.

Close the “Network Consumption” program.

Programs running on the system can use network bandwidth, especially online applications. When you update Genshin Impact, you should temporarily close applications that “eat” your network to avoid this error. The details of each step are as follows:

  1. tomorrow task manager Click on the > tab process on the computer.
  2. Click now Intranet And determine which programs use the most Internet bandwidth.
  3. Finally, close each program in turn.
  4. Here it is again The genshin effect And try to update the game again.

Update Genshin Impact game manually

If you get error Failed to check for updates, don’t worry, the simple reason is that Genshin Impact files don’t update automatically. Try updating the game manually. Check out detailed instructions on how to update Genshin Impact on PC, PS4, Android and iPhone at

Fixed Genshin Impact game authentication error

This is one of the most common mistakes with Genshin Impact. In Genshin Impact 1.4, some users reported experiencing game validation errors. The following message will appear:

Genshin Impact game file error

Obviously, you can click the button Try again Sometimes, but if it doesn’t work, it means that the game file is corrupted. This problem usually occurs when your internet connection is unstable or the download stops. Here are some solutions to fix this genshin effect error:

Disable antivirus software

  1. First, make sure to close the game in the task manager.
  2. Turn off your antivirus program.
  3. Run the Genshin Impact game update file to see if the issue is resolved.

Reinstall the Genshin Impact game

Final solution to fix this Jenshin Impact Error “Failed to check for update” And any other problem is to uninstall and reinstall the game. One reason for this problem is that the file has been corrupted without your knowledge.

Note, you can apply the above methods Fix error codes 4201, 9230 and 31-4302 in Genshin Impact.

Update at 9:54 - 11/09/2022
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