How to find Redstone in Minecraft

Red stone – Red stone This is a rare minecraft mineral. However, you still have a lot How to find Redstone in Minecraft.

Find Redstone in Minecraft

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Although it is not used to make swords and armor like metal ore, redstone can affect your Minecraft game in many ways. Redstone is an essential ingredient in many Minecraft recipes and mechanics. It automates some processes so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting. Also, it brings more EXP to help you level up faster.

You can usually find a lot of redstone in Bedrock at level 16 and below. A single redstone ore drops about 4-5 Rock Dust per block, collecting 64 Dust to create one ore block in your inventory.

How to find Redstone in Minecraft

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  • enjoyment
  • Farm witch
  • Talk to the villagers


Redstone is not a rare mineral Minecraft, but not digging will save you a lot of time and effort. However, you will find redstones in some areas of the game.

in the village

Find Redstone in Minecraft Village

When you pass a village with a temple (a cobblestone structure like the one pictured above), jump to the right and grab your items. There is a 25% chance to find 1-4 Redstone Ore Powder in Temple Chests. While this may not be an impressive number, it will save you time. Also, if you’re on a Minecraft village expedition, wouldn’t it be nice to bring some extra loot?

Dungeon – Dungeon

Redstone in Minecraft dungeons

If you can find dungeons on the map, they can be a great source of redstone loot. Dungeon chests have a 26.6% chance of containing 1-4 Redstone Dust. You can easily find dungeons in caves or mines. It is a great reward in the journey of discovery. But be careful! This dungeon is where mobs spawn. You can disable the mod’s spawn cage by placing a torch on it!

the wall

Redstone in minecraft castle

Castles are another great place to collect Minecraft Redstone Ore. The castle has a large amount of treasure that offers different loot opportunities depending on the region. For alter chests, the chance of finding 4-9 redstone dust is 12% and for storeroom chests is 18.6%.


Red stone mining in minecraft

Redstone mining is the traditional and still effective way to play Minecraft. Players can find many red stones in Bedore at level 16 and below. You must be level 12 or below for best mining performance. You will find red and diamonds, as well as many other minerals.

Farm witch

Find Redstone in Minecraft

Witches can drop 0-2 red powder when they die. This number increases by one after each loot level, with a maximum of 0 to 5 red dust. A witch’s hut is one of the best places to spawn a witch, but it requires a light spawning facility of level 7 or lower.

In order to spawn witches, the player must create a place to spawn from a hut, then build a sprinkler structure to kill the abominable mobs in a small area. So just attack to get items, XP. In addition to redstones, players can also collect glowstones, sugar, gunpowder, glass bottles, spider eyes, and sticks.

Talk to the villagers

The player can sell some redstone powder from the villagers. This deal is in the early stages.

  • In the Bedrock version, entry-level clerics sell 4 red rose powders for 1 emerald.
  • In the Java version, they sell 2 Redstone Dust for 1 Emerald
Update at 15:44 - 10/09/2022
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