How to Find and Use Bells in Minecraft

Bells are essential if you want to build a village and interact with the villagers. That’s it How to use bells and how to use them in minecraft 1.19.

Minecraft has many useful items that players can use to build better or more realistic bases. After all, the bell will be the most useful in Minecraft because it allows you to communicate with all the villagers in Minecraft with your goal.

How to ring a bell in minecraft

It can be seen in nature

Unlike other things, bells cannot be manufactured. However, they seem to be the only ones near the Minecraft village center. Its place is called “meeting point”.

Bell in Minecraft

The bell does not appear in the book, but the probability of it appearing is very low, only 1.5%. Also, only one chest will spawn – the Ruined Portal Chest. Therefore, the most reliable way to find bells is a village.

You can dig the bell with your hands or another tool, but an ax is fastest.


Bales can be bought from the village, but they are expensive.

In the Bedrock version, peasants equipped with basic armor have a 1/3 chance to sell a bell for 36 emeralds. The blacksmith sold the bell for 36 emeralds. A gunsmith of reporter rank sells bells for 36 emeralds.

In the Java version, new level villagers have a 50% chance to sell bells for 36 emeralds. Blacksmiths and armorsmiths often sell hours for 36 emeralds.

How to use bells in minecraft

When the bell is used, it emits a sound with a rolling effect. A shot, right-click, redstone signal, or even dropping an object can ring the bell.

Country information portal

By placing a bell near a bed, the player can create a portal to the village meeting. This bell emits a green effect on the surface. Bells can ring from different angles. You can anchor blocks to surfaces, ceilings and floors. Also, if the player uses the bell while the villagers are asleep, they will all wake up.

Instructions for using bells in Minecraft

Call all residents if raided

When the bell rang, the villagers of 32 blocks rushed to their homes. In the Javanese version, when the first attack occurs, at least one villager rings a bell in the center of the village to warn the others before returning to their homes.

In the Bedrock version, the village bell will automatically ring at the start of the campaign. When the player rings the bell, the villagers run to their houses, even if not attacked.

Also, in the Java version, if the bell rings during a raid and there are raiding mobs within a 32 block radius, the light effect will be applied to all raid mobs within 48 blocks. This effect consists of sparkling particles and at the same time, creates a resonant sound when the process is over. Generally, this trait can be useful in clearing hostile mobs.

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