How to effectively earn diamonds in minecraft

How to find diamonds in minecraft It’s not difficult. will guide you in detail How to get diamonds in minecraft.

Diamonds are rare minerals obtained from diamond ore or loot boxes. Players can use it to craft advanced equipment and armor, create tables, diamond blocks, and jukeboxes. To get bright, shiny diamonds you have to mine diamonds, which is not possible.

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So how to do it Find diamonds in minecraft This? There are many gamers who complain that they roam around but can’t find diamonds, maybe you haven’t found the right way or you don’t know how to search. So, please read the article below to learn how to earn precious diamonds!

Diamond Digger in Minecraft

Before starting your journey to find sparkling diamonds, you need to prepare diamond mining equipment. Note that wooden cups, stone cups and gold cups are not strong enough to mine diamonds, so you need to prepare iron or diamond cups. Here we show you how to do each type:

How to make Iron Cup:

To craft an iron cup, you need to prepare 2 wooden sticks and 3 iron ingots. Also, you can find iron spikes randomly in the chests of abandoned mines, mysterious castles or village fake houses, or they can be exchanged for iron.

Recipe for making iron cup

How to make Diamond Trophy:

As with iron trophies, you need to prepare 2 wooden sticks and 3 diamonds to craft a diamond trophy. Diamond spikes can be exchanged for steel.

Diamond Trophy Recipe

Video Trophy Making Tutorial (Pickaxe):

Also, have a bucket of water ready to spot lava (lava) if needed, the ingredients for making a bucket of water are 3 iron ingots:

How to make a bucket of water

Video on how to make a bucket of water:

How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft Effectively

Specific location:

Diamond mines are only available between levels 1 – 16 and are usually found at level 12 Then check the Y value on the map by pressing the key F3And if you’re using a Mac, press FN + F3 to find out what level they are. If you know what level you are on, you can easily dig for diamonds by avoiding encountering lava.

Determine where the layer is located

Cave Exploration:

Go around to explore the cave system, sometimes you will find big caves, but you can easily discover diamond mines. At that time, you only need to mine, and if there is too much lava, don’t forget to bring a bucket of water to extinguish it.

Explore the cave to find diamonds

abandoned chest

You can find diamonds in abandoned chests, but it depends on your luck, because chests are rare.

abandoned chest

Diamond drilling at a 45 degree angle:

It is better to dig at an angle of 45 degrees so that the arch forms a staircase, at each step you need to dig a block deeper than the previous block, because if you want to go back to the ground, you have to jump up. Stairs dug this way safely and effectively reach the minimum depth, not in a straight line.

Dig at a 45 degree angle to make climbing easier

Peach branch:

Copper mining in diamond increases the mining area, creating 2×2 tunnels. As a result, it was mined on the surface in large quantities, increasing the chances of finding diamonds and other minerals without affecting the useless blocks.

Extraction of diamonds by the copper method

Peaches in the form of a box:

Dig a box around you and expand until you find diamonds and other minerals. However, finding diamonds this way can be time-consuming. If you are determined to fight this way to get diamonds, you should also make a bed and other personal equipment to rest on.

Diamond mining in a box model with a strip method

Some useful tips for finding diamonds in Minecraft

  • Always carry multiple torches when searching for diamonds.
  • Carefully check the surrounding blocks to avoid the lava flow and engulf you.
  • Calculate carefully to find a suitable way to dig in each terrain.
  • Always carry a bucket of water for immediate response to dangerous lava flows.
  • Note that not all areas with lava contain diamonds, so don’t get confused.

How to speed up diamond mining in minecraft

Use TNT explosives

Using dynamite is the fastest way to mine diamonds in Minecraft. But to get dust and sand, the player has to hit a lot of vines. If there is a lot of TNT, the player can detonate them all at once or place a block every 5 meters.

Fortune III

If you can’t speed up your mining, you’d better pay for efficiency. Resources used for mining should be Fortune III if possible. If you want more diamonds, use the mantra table required for crafting.

You can temporarily replace Fortune III with Silk Touch. Save this block in your inventory until you get the Fortune III Ax for minecraft diamond mining.

So you now know how to earn diamonds, right? Be patient and work hard so that you can get precious diamonds for yourself. Also, see more How to mine in minecraft Get more valuable resources!

Have fun playing!

Update at 8:06 - 18/03/2023
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