How to earn free gems in Rise of Kingdoms

By playing Rise of Kingdoms, you will never miss a gem. Here’s how to earn more gems by playing Rise of Kingdoms.

Ratna (gem) is a special currency of state rise (rise of civilization).. You can use it in various ways to enhance the gaming experience. And luckily, earning free gems in RoC is not that difficult, so you can play this game without spending real money to enjoy some advanced features.

This article will guide you How to earn more gems in rise of kingdomFree without breaking the rules.

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How to earn gems in rise of kingdom

  • Link game account with Facebook
  • display
  • Complete daily goals
  • Defeat the barbarians
  • special event
  • my gem
  • Get more gems while shopping

Link game account with Facebook

Linking a RoC account to Facebook is optional. However, this step will bring you unexpected benefits. That’s 200 free gems.

Link RoC to Facebook account

To link your account, tap your profile picture in the upper left corner of the screen, then click settings. Here, press the button Facebook To link accounts and claim rewards.

Also, if you choose “Like us on Facebook“, also get some extra credit for liking the Rise of Civilization Facebook Fan Page


Sometimes, completing the main story mission will give you more gems. So, keep an eye on these tasks and complete them as soon as possible.

A mission that rewards the most gems is upgrading the headquarters building. When you open a new season, you will get more gems.

Complete daily goals

If you complete all the daily objectives and reach 100 points, you will open the last chest in the daily objectives tab, which contains some free gems.

Defeat the barbarians

Defeating these villains on the world map gives you a chance to earn more gems.

Although attacking a barbarian castle gives you gems, it is very difficult. Therefore, it is better to focus on hitting regular barbarian soldiers.

Defeat evil in RoC

special event

Rise of Civilization regularly hosts special events, many of which award you with gem packs. So keep an eye on all the events and attend them if you can.

Also, don’t be afraid to check your mailbox because the developer may give you gems later during game maintenance.

Kingdom Rise is a few events to give gems

  • Karaoke activity
  • Attack of the Shadow Legion: Reach max level 15 to receive rewards. Strengthen other cities for more points and a chance to climb to the highest level
  • Sharp Eyes and Quick Hands: Complete puzzles to earn gems in Kingdom Rises.
  • The Mighty Governor: Reach level 3 in each stage to get rewards.
  • Tile and Brick Event: Increase building power by 45k to get 650 gems
  • Overpower Event: Power up to 138k to get 13k gems.
  • Ark of Osiris: Join this event, try your best to get more than 10k points.
  • Winner (+10k points):
    • Ally Reward – 500 Gems
    • Personal Reward – 2k Gems
  • Lose (+10k points)
    • Ally Bonus – 200 Gems
    • Personal Reward – 1k Gems
  • KVK. reward
  • Formation of the first career award
    • Twilight Award
    • Honor Point Award
    • KVK. Ultimate bonus

my gem

Gems of RoC mining

Finally, you will be allowed to unlock the Academy’s Jewel Quest. After studying this technology, you will be able to mine gems on the map. They are scarce and rare, but can be obtained for free and by minions, so don’t miss this opportunity.

Get more gems as you shop

Buy special gem packs in Rise of Kingdoms

Ultimately, though not really How to earn free gems in Rise of Kingdoms Because you have to spend a little money, but it is worth mentioning.

Usually use real money to buy things Rise of the Kingdom It always gives you a chance to win big prizes. These can be free gems or more valuable items.

Don’t forget to double check the options and do it daily as most of them are sold in limited quantities every day. The number is reset daily.

So, if you spend money to play Rise of the Kingdom, make a schedule, this way you get gems faster in Rise of Kingdoms. Just go through all the offers and click on the option that works best for you

In general, you can get more gems Rise of the Kingdom In different ways. They can help you increase your VIP level or make purchases from merchants easier. Here’s one thing How to earn gems in rise of kingdom Easy for everyone. If you know another way, share it with readers!

Update at 9:47 - 11/09/2022
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