How to Download Jenny Mod in Minecraft

Jenny Mod PC Minecraft brings a special experience to the players. Here’s what you need to know How to download and install Jenny mod in Minecraft.

How to download Jenny mod in Minecraft

When talking about the best games of all time, Minecraft is definitely the first name that comes up. The world of Minecraft starts with a simple square. However, don’t be fooled or discouraged at first because just from simple blocks, you can build an impressive building, even participate in animal hunting and other things. Other interesting missions.

Since its launch, Minecraft has gone through many major updates, including new updates, improvements, and positive updates. Therefore, even if the graphics are not yet comparable to the new generation of blockbuster games, Minecraft has not lost its position and has maintained a strong number of players over the years.

In particular, when you play Minecraft, you can improve the game world through community-made mods. Minecraft mods are very diverse and rich, incl Jenny mode A wonderful addition.

Jenny is a Minecraft character created by programmer SlipperyTum. Jenny has many superpowers and is often seen naked or half-naked. Minecraft gamers rated him as the “shining star” of Minecraft. That’s it How to Download Genie Mod in Minecraft 1.12.2.

How to download Jenny mod in Minecraft

1. Download the Jenny Mod folder

Download Minecraft mod Jenny

First, you need to download the Minecraft Jenny mod folder from a reliable source. is a good suggestion. You can press the button. Download it Down below. Then you will see the Jenny Mod download folder in the selected folder on your computer. It is best to have antivirus software on your device to keep it free from malware.

2. Extract the file

Get genie mod files in Minecraft

Once you have safely downloaded the genie mod, you need to unzip the file. Find the zip folder on your PC, right click, select All exhaust… You will see a new folder with all the game files inside. You need to add new features to Minecraft.

3. Place it in Minecraft mods folder

Place the file in the Minecraft folder

You need to copy the new folder to the Minecraft mods folder. Alternatively, you can move the downloaded folder to the mods folder and then extract the file there. If you want to find the exact location, type minecraft in the program file or %Application Information% In the search box in the menu Dash And find the Mods folder.

4. Open Minecraft

Open Minecraft

If the file is in the correct location, you can open Minecraft with genie mode. However, it only works with Minecraft 1.12.2. Therefore, you need to make sure you run this correct version from the Minecraft mod launcher with Forge (OptiFine) selected.

4. Find the Jenny Egg

Jenny's Egg Heart

You will find new skins and items in Minecraft. Anyway, what you’re looking for here is the Jenny Egg. If you are playing in creative mode, just select the egg and the genie will appear. Survival mode is more difficult because you have to go to different places to find it.

Main characteristics of Jenny


If she has a lucky potion, Jenny can use water manipulation and breathing abilities to her advantage. Genie can also teleport like Enderman under the right conditions.

Jenny also has the ability to recover quickly from attacks. He can use his hips or buttocks in battle.

Jenny's weakness in Minecraft


Jenny doesn’t like squid and always gets stuck in the spit. So, you can’t let Jenny go near the squid biome.

Don't let this Minecraft mod get to the squid

Take Jenny to the world of Minecraft It was a wonderful experience. try Install Genie Mod in Minecraft And listen to yourself!

Update at 12:54 - 10/09/2022
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