How to Download Free Fire OB36 Trial Version

Test FF OB36 It has been released. Here’s what you need to know Free Fire OB36 Test Server.

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Free Fire OB36 Advanced Server Release Date

The trial version of FF OB36 started in early September. Like the previous trial, players can download the Free Fire OB36 Advance Server apk file at around 9 pm (UTC). Server may open after few hours. Only android users can join this test server.

As the FF OB36 trial server is temporary, all user data will be deleted after the trial period.

Free Fire OB35 Trial Opening Date

Instructions to register and download Free Fire OB36 Advanced Server for testing

Free fire trial

  1. Free Fire Advanced Web Access.
  2. Sign in to Facebook. You can only use Facebook to sign up for Free Fire Advance.
  3. After successfully registering the account on advanced server, press the button Download the APK. The download will start automatically.
  4. Wait for the server to load. This file weighs about 700 MB. Make sure you have enough space on your device.
  5. Find and install the experimental Free Fire APK file. active Installation from unknown sources in settings the first
  6. Play free fire game, login Activation code to access Free Fire OB30 Advanced Server.

Note: Only Android devices can install experimental FF.

How to Download Free Fire APK Trial File

Step 1: Access the link to download the game:

Download Garena Free Fire APK

In the information interface of the Free Fire game for Android, click the button Download it.

Step 2: Free fire game download page will appear, press the button Download it is on the line Free Fire OB36 Advanced Server APK.

Step 3: Then press the button Download it To download the file to your computer.

Step 4: Install Free Fire OB36 on Android

disapproval: Enable the option Installation from unknown sources If not already done like this: Settings > Security and privacy > Allow installation from unknown sources.

Step 5: Find the file apps and install it.

Step 6: After installation Free Fire OB36 Advanced Server Once done, you can immediately test the new features.

If you face any error while parsing the installation package, you can re-download the APK file by following the instructions above. It is important to note that there is no need to uninstall the global version of Free Fire. Free Fire Advance server account will be deleted after server shutdown. However, Garena has not revealed the exact date yet.

Free Fire Advanced Server There may be some problems, there may be lags in jerking. However, players have the opportunity to earn diamonds by reporting to the publisher.

Who Should Download Free Fire Advanced Server?

Anyone can download Fire Advance Server for free, but only those who receive a special activation code can access this trial version.

The only way to get a trial FF activation code is to register for the advance server on the official Garena website. Note, however, that not all registrants will receive the code as numbers are limited.

Free Fire Advanced Server is the most unique feature of OB36

New mysterious character

Like other patches, Free Fire Advanced Server OB36 Includes a mysterious new character named Rebel Rush.

This skill is the same as Joseph’s active version. When activated, the player can run at top speed for half a second with a 40 second cooldown. This skill has two recharges and can be used 2 times in a row, 5 seconds between uses.

In general, explosive movement skills open up more options in close combat. With that fast explosive, the player can hit the target enemy.

New pet wolf

New wolf pet in Free Fire OB36

The new pet in FF OB36 is a wolf named Fang, who has a passive skill called Wolfpack. This skill allows the player to regenerate 10 EP or 5 HP when an ally is defeated. Passive skills have a 40 second cooldown.

The social island

This is a new feature, which can be added to Free Fire OB36, that allows players to participate in activities and make friends with other players.

Also, Free Fire OB36 Advance Serve has many other interesting minigames such as race, football field, ring… It allows the user to have fun outside the game.

Characters that must be cleared in Free Fire OB36

With each new patch, Garena always lowers the Free Fire character’s stats to create a level playing field. They have been quite successful in this regard. However, there are some characters that are too strong or too weak to change. Here are the characters that need to be buffed in Free Fire OB36


Chrono is probably the most nerfed character in Free Fire so far. Now Chrono’s power is just a buggy version of Gloo Wall. It only lasts 6 seconds and the cooldown is up to 110 seconds.


Saturn’s Gear Recycle restores armor durability after each kill. Most importantly killing is generally not very useful in the game. Shani is one of the oldest characters in Free Fire, so not much has changed. So, Saturn should be updated soon, or refreshed with Free Fire OB36.


Ford is one of the oldest characters no less than Saturn. His skill is amazing with 24% damage reduction outside of safe areas. In general, it’s not of much use, except in later stages when the circle doesn’t shrink.

Update at 4:39 - 10/09/2022
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