How to detonate sticky bombs in GTA 5 while driving

You need to know how to make sticky bombs GTA 5 explode, this tutorial is very useful for you.

Sticky Bomb (C4) in Grand Theft Auto Draw
Sticky Bomb (C4) in Grand Theft Auto Draw

The sticky bomb in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5), also known as C4, can stick to any surface such as walls, cars and even people. You can turn sticky bombs into useful weapons by placing or throwing them. Then explode.

In this article, you will learn how to fire sticky bombs in GTA 5 and how bombs work.

Tips for detonating sticky bombs in GTA 5

  • The first thing you need to do is place the bomb where you want it. In addition, you should remember:
  • If you don’t want to die or get hurt, don’t stand near the bomb when it explodes.
  • But don’t go too far or the pump activation device won’t work.
  • You must have sticky bombs in your inventory /

How to Activate Sticky Bombs in GTA 5

The way to place bombs depends on the platform you are playing on. Also, first you need to have this C4 bomb.

on playstation

  • Walk towards the target and press R2 to place the bomb
  • Run to the hidden place at a safe distance.
  • Press the forehead on the D-pad to activate the bomb.

Sticky bombs can stick to any surface
Sticky bombs can stick to any surface

on xbox (same as playing on ps)

  • Place the bomb on the target.
  • Press the left side of the D-pad

on PC

  • Place a bomb or drop it on a target.
  • Press G on the keyboard to activate the weapon.
  • Unless you change the configuration, G is the default button to activate the bomb in GTA 5 on PC.
Detonating a sticky bomb is way easier
Detonating a sticky bomb is way easier

How to activate sticky bombs in GTA 5 while driving

Except for Karuma, when you’re in a car, press X to pull the weapon wheel and select Sticky Bomb. That’s all it takes to detonate this bomb. You can also detonate individual bombs by shooting them.

You can have up to 20 sticky bombs in story mode and up to 5 in online mode. If the 21st or 6th sticky bomb is placed, it will be overwritten by the first bomb.

Where to find sticky bombs in GTA 5?

Characters of the game

  • Sticky bombs are carried by different characters in different missions.
  • While Michael gets 5 Sticky Bombs in DeRail, Franklin gets 5 in Blitz Play. You can save the bombs if you are not using them in a scheduled mission.
You can get sticky bombs in different missions
You can get sticky bombs in different missions

Ammu-Nation Store

C4 bombs can be purchased from Ammu-Nation stores for $600 each. To unlock this weapon you need to reach number 10 and complete the derailment mission.

Locations in the GTA world

  • It can be found in 3 places.
  • Prohibition, under water, under the bridge.
  • 2nd floor of unfinished building Vespucci Canal, Geaux Vespucci Avenue and Prosperity Street.
  • Meriwether plane crash site after the Minor Turbulence mission north of Stubbs City.

How Stick Bombs Work in GTA 5

In fact, sticky bombs are a great way to create intentional explosions. This is especially useful if you start shopping on the street or want to set a death trap for another online player or NPC.

A bomb cannot be recovered once dropped
Once a bomb is dropped, it cannot be recovered

Once thrown, the sticky bomb will beep continuously with a flashing yellow light. When activated, the beep will get louder and louder. They explode in less than a second when the light turns red. Once the bomb is set, it cannot be undone.

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