How to customize Tower of Fantasy characters

Fantasy Tower It has a great character system. Character customization is one of the fun experiences Fantasy Tower.

Fantasy Tower Character Customization

For many players, the joy of video games comes from the ability to live another life. Being able to fly a dragon or besiege an orc castle is truly amazing, but these activities are more interesting when players do them with perfect characters.

Fantasy Tower Features an incredibly deep character customization system, allowing players to create their own original characters, use characters created by community members, or even customize their creatures to their liking. The variety of options this system has for Tower of Fantasy players is truly amazing. Here’s everything you need to know about character customization in Tower of Fantasy.

How to customize character in tower of fantasy game

Adjusting the character in Tower of Fantasy game is not difficult

Character customization in Tower of Fantasy is done like most games. Character Creation Screen – Create behavior Provides players with multiple item options and adjustable body attribute sliders to achieve the desired look. From changing eye or hair color to glasses, masks or some eyebrows in classic anime style, even changing body proportions, everything can be easily done on screen. Character creation.

After the player completes the required character changes, they can always change their appearance by purchasing additional modifiers from the Item Shop for a price. 150 Dark Crystal. The reader can then select the icon clothing At the bottom of the character screen, you need to change the image after creating the character.

Character customization in Fantasy Tower Very rare, but, they are not available to all players at first. Many accessories are locked and you have to find a way to unlock them through discovery or purchase to use for new characters. This limitation is not a big deal because the player has many options for accessories, the default clothing is unlocked.

How to enter a default character

The Tower of Fantasy game preset characters

If you don’t want to use the original character or want a starter with an existing character, you can use another player’s creation. The character is also customizable, allowing players to modify an existing model to resemble their favorite anime look without having to design from scratch.

to use Tower of fantasy characters Click the Preset button the lobby On the character customization screen, then select Popularity vote Select the default character to start. Press the button saving Upper right corner of character image to save in tab my choice.

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