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PUBG space characters How are names formed? Refer if you don’t know How to Create Special Character Space PUBG In the name below.

PUBG name with space

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If you play mobile games regularly, you must have heard about the genre of survival shooter – battle royale. It is one of the most loved games on mobile phones due to its interesting gameplay and effective stress relief.

It’s not hard to find a battle royale game on the App Store, like Free Fire, Valorant Mobile, Fortnite… However, if it comes to the “pioneer” of this genre, it should be PUBG Mobile. It was the mobile version of the game that started the growth of the survival shooter genre.

Although not as popular as Free Fire, PUBG Mobile still holds its own. Download PUBG Mobile, you can stay alone or invite friends to join the exciting and unpredictable arena of life and death directly on Android or iOS. PUBG Mobile adds tons of new content after every major update. In particular, recently, developers have actively collaborated with celebrities such as BLACKPINK or the “blockbuster” movie King Kong to bring new experiences to players.

Apart from an interesting game, you can customize a lot of things from character clothes to weapons and even game values. You can mention PUBG or name or give desired nickname, especially you can add blank characters.

Some PUBG mobile players fail to add special characters to their nicknames as they are considered invalid, however, you can follow the below procedure to name yes PUBG Mobile Space Characters.

How to create space named PUBG

  • Add character spaces
  • Copy the space from another player’s name
  • Create symbols with spaces from third-party web or apps

Add character spaces

  1. Select the item to change the name of PUBG Mobile
  2. Type the name of the character you want to add a space to in the corresponding field.
  3. Now take the letter and write it it’s me Hold down the phone’s keyboard for a moment, then a blank space will appear. Example: WASHĪHĪUĪL becomes RAHU L. This is the easiest way to make blank marks in PUBG Mobile.

Copy the space from another player’s name

Give PUBG a good name

This is a conventional but effective method in the name of PUBG Mobile. You can easily find many players with names with spaces between letters while playing PUBG Mobile. If they are not in your friends list, you will need to send them a friend request to access their profile later. You can copy the player name above the leaderboard:

  1. Open the section Classification PUBG on mobile.
  2. Scroll down to find the leader with the space symbol.
  3. Select a player and view profile information.
  4. Copy the person’s nickname.
  5. Select the renamed element and paste the text in the corresponding field.
  6. Edit this name but keep the space notation. If you don’t want to delete it, you need to paste the copied text again to remove the space character.
  7. Check the name carefully before confirming the change. You can no longer see the error The name contains incorrect characters.

Create symbols with spaces from third-party web or apps

With icon maker app, you can create the most unique and impressive nicknames ever seen in PUBG Mobile in a very easy way.

This guide to creating PUBG space characters takes examples from the Text Font Generator app. Here are the next details:

Step 1: Download Text Font Generator from Google Play Store.

The app generates a PUBG name with spaces

Step 2: Open the application, go to Symbols section. Here you will find a large collection of icons to choose from

Step 3: Tap on desired icon to copy and paste while renaming PUBG Mobile Gaming

Note, not all icons of this app are supported by PUBG Mobile, however, most letters of the alphabet can be used to rename PUBG.

Suggestion: By changing the languages ​​available on the smartphone keyboard, you can use different Chinese, Japanese or Korean text characters to create more impressive game names.

Change Android keyboard language

All you need to do is enable typing in other languages ​​in the Settings – Settings menu You can experiment with different language characters to set your username in your preferred style.

In addition to text font generators, there are many options on the web to support your creation PUBG white letters Add some, even special characters. You can find more detailed instructions on: How to Change Character Name in PUBG Mobile Special Characters at

Here’s one thing How to name PUBG Mobile with a space. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 18:52 - 10/09/2022
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