How to change our name

How to change our name It’s not difficult. will guide you in detail The easiest way to change your name with us.

Our name is Sundar

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Between us. Rules of the game You might think of the werewolf game. You must step into one of two roles: Rogue or Astronaut While everyone is repairing the ship, no one can speak to protect their identity. When a body is found, the survivors start arguing over whose astronaut is impersonating. The trickster’s goal is to pretend to be part of the group and kill the crew. If the killer is not found, everyone will continue working until another body is found. If the culprit is found and all the fakes are released from the ship, the astronaut team wins and vice versa.

Sounds interesting, right? Not only an interesting game, but also offers some interesting customization with our simple control system and nicknames.

However, some players have said that the interface between us is a bit incomprehensible, due to which they do not know how to change the name. If you are also in this situation, do not hesitate to consult How to change name while playing with us Down below. The steps are simple and very easy to follow.

How the name of the game has changed between us

1. Open the main menu and click Online or LOcAl.

Between us.  Game interface

2. Click on the name at the top of the screen (GamerJourn).

Click on our game name

3. Enter the new name you want in the box.

Change is the name of the game between us

It’s just 3 easy steps and you can change the default name to any name you want. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a unique name while playing?

How to add special characters to our name

We also allow players to create their own names by adding special characters. Here’s how to name names with special characters while playing between us:

on PC

  1. Open the folder path: C: User[Your PC Username]In Windows Explorer, open the folder \AppData\LocalLow\Innsersloth\Among Us or %appdata%, and then AppData>LocalLow>InnerSloth>Among Us.
  2. Find the file playerPrefs and open in notepad.
  3. Find the existing username and replace it with a new username with special characters inside.


  1. Download a text editor app.
  2. Open the folder: Android/Data/Files/
  3. open file playerPrefs with a text editor.
  4. Replace the existing name with something of your choice (limit 10 characters).

If you don’t know how to win this game, you can refer our game instructions:

  • How many of us astronauts play
  • How to play between us without banishment

Suggest us some good names

Fun content

Giving it a fun name will make the fun more interesting for us Imagine if your ex – rejected ex or your wife – your wife is not cheating? Think of the nouns that make up a sentence, for example:

your ex
oh mom
your wife
it’s not
you stupid flower
Hey Sakari
That’s it
no one
dear i’m stupid
the doctor
Free IP
Jack Hoff
Amy Steak
trust me
the bed
Cal de Sac
step sister
Anita Bath
Yes, God

Who says I am?
I’m not lying
lies and we
It wasn’t me
i am a mother
Don’t be ashamed of you
love juice
Tampa > Stone
Mike Oxlong
Joe King
Dinah Mite
Libby Doe
Anita is human
Hugh Jas
Mike Roach
Mike Oxlong
YOKO Not good
Lagna of sorrow
In the middle of Sus
i am pasta

Suspicious name

The game itself is full of suspicion among us so the more obscure the name, the more suspicious you will be. So, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself as an astronaut to raise suspicions about us or hide your true identity. In this case:

  • Company 5
  • unknown
  • Bot 2
  • IamInJail
  • fake user
  • in the garbage
  • innocent
  • voted
  • yellow hatter
  • your friend

character name

It is a good way to make our name. Think of your idol or your favorite movie character, you will find an ally with the same interest when you play this game. In this case:

  • Mr. Doubtfire
  • Michael Scott
    the terminator
  • Kakashi-sensei
  • a hypocrite
  • look dad
  • monster
  • low key
  • Hungry Hannibal
  • clear culprit
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