How to Build an Enderman Farm in Minecraft

Anderman Farm The easiest way to get XP and Ender Pearl in Minecraft. So, learn with How to Build an Enderman Farm in Minecraft Please!

How to build an enderman farm in minecraft with pistons

Create a piston trap

Piston trap in minecraft
Piston trap in minecraft

This piston trap helps players speed up the farm and kill every Enderman in one attack. Here is a step-by-step guide to making a piston trap:

  1. Dig a 3x3x3 hole in the ground after leveling the surrounding land.
  2. Build a tower 4 blocks high in the middle of the pit.
  3. Place 1 piston on each side of the tower. Then place a lever behind the piston with a block in the middle (farthest you can reach) and place the red stone in a circle around the piston.
  4. If all goes well, this piston will expand and fill every space except the center and create a perimeter 2 blocks high.

Activation trap

Getting started with this trap farming is easy. Just hold the sword on a block and focus on the enderman. They will run towards the player and fall into the pit. Activate the lever to extend the piston, then momentarily deactivate it. Enderman will cut his HP in half and break his head.

The piston trap pushes Enderman Minecraft into a block
The piston trap pushes Enderman Minecraft into a block

Then, the player completes a shot. Better to bring a tool with a high stealth level. With Looting III, each Enderman kill will give the player up to 4 Ender Pearls.

Falling Enderman in Minecraft takes damage

This trap uses a falling damage mechanism to pierce the enderman’s heart, equivalent to an attack that kills the target.

  1. First, build a pedestal using at least 128 blocks from each possible biomass location. So, only Enderman can spawn there.
  2. Build another pedestal for the enderman, at least 43 blocks. After the fall, they lose 19.5 hearts.
  3. There is a mechanism that can push the enderman down from where it came from: a pressure plate, a sticky piston with a lock attachment, or a trap wire attached to a simple piston.
  4. At the landing site, build a 2 block high ceiling and attract the enderman by looking at them. Thanks to this, players can easily kill them without touching them.

This Minecraft Enderman farm uses the same mechanics as the first method. Players also need a weapon with a high-level stealth spell for maximum effect. This will speed up spawning by creating multiple spawn points leading to one location.

One of the fastest ways to farm XP
One of the fastest ways to farm XP

This method makes it easy for players to reach level 30 within minutes. If you don’t want to hit them yourself, use dynamite and a flame spell bow. However, this mod gives you less Ender Pearls.

How to Build an Enderman Farm with Endermite

Endermites are the least hostile of the factions. They release purple “portal” particles and appear when the player drops the Ender Pearl. They make aggressive endermen, easily trapped.

Endermite is the easiest way to breed Enderman in Minecraft
Endermite is the easiest way to breed Enderman in Minecraft

Endermite traps follow the same principles as Enderman knockdown traps. This is one of the most efficient ways to farm Enderman, requiring only blocks, name cards and a minecart.

  1. Create a 64 block spawn pool.
  2. Name the Endermite and place it in a cart to create a decoy. All endermen in block 64 will attack him.
  3. Create a hole around the trap for the enderman to fall through.
  4. Build a farming platform using at least 43 blocks below the spawn point. So the player has to wait below to destroy them.

Above are the easiest and most effective ways to breed Enderman for everyone. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 3:55 - 18/03/2023
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