How to build a village in minecraft

Trade with villagers in Minecraft This is the easiest way to get all kinds of resources at low cost. That’s it How to build a village in minecraft.

Village in Minecraft

Villagers are useful people. Players can exchange emeralds from them for rare items, such as diamonds or enchanted water bottles However, finding a village is not easy for many people, especially when playing in a randomly generated world without a Minecraft seed.

In that case, please Create a minecraft village Your self. Here are detailed instructions How to build a village in minecraft.

How to build a village in minecraft

  • 1. Gather the villagers
  • 2. How to build a village in Minecraft
  • 3. Build a “fence” to protect the country

1. Gather the villagers

You have 2 ways to acquire Minecraft villagers around the world: kidnapping and curing villagers infected with the zombie virus.

Abduction of villagers

First, the player must push or steer the boat so that the villagers board the boat. They will not stop until the boat is destroyed.

Village by boat in minecraft

Push the boat to where you want to build the village. You can move villagers on land.

Heal a zombie villager

You can see this character in abandoned villages or in cellars under igloos, but sometimes it appears in the world.

Heal the zombie villagers

The player must first create a hole 2/3 block deep to trap it, then cure the disease with 1 weakness splash potion and 1 golden apple. If necessary, cover these two things with a roof during sunburn. The player can remove it later.

In the house below the igloo were a villager and a priest. You can now turn zombies into normal villagers. If necessary, you can move it to the trailer first.

2. How to build a village in Minecraft

Basically, villagers should stay at home to avoid dangerous threats like zombies, bandits. A full room requires only one bed.

A simple hut

This is a place for people who want to start farming or create a basic food source.

Minecraft tent

Just set up a bed and wait for the villagers to come, then sleep on it. Build a wall around the bed, then place some torches, adding work blocks if needed.

Breeding shed

Here’s how to group villagers to quickly increase your village’s population size.

  • Place 10 beds, then a bell where the villagers can gather.
  • There is at least one compound where at least one village is willing to work as a farmer.
  • Dig a hole and fill it with water, then make soil for plants and then give some seeds like corn, sugar, potato, carrot… to the farmers. They can sow seeds and harvest crops to share food with other villagers. From there, you can prepare to build and grow the population of your Minecraft village.

trade center

A mall is a place where residents can access a high-class building to exchange goods. The entrance will be blocked by an iron gate or fenced gate to prevent illegal entry and require good lighting throughout the building.

An important part or core of this center is the residence of the residents. You need to build at least 4 blocks, including: 2 for the bed, one for the work block and one for the village location. In addition, there must be free space between the header and the fence door.

The roof should be about 3 blocks high to activate the Iron Golem and stop the villagers. You can separate the houses by walls or leave them open for villagers to mingle freely.

3. Build a “fence” to protect the country

Artificial villages in Minecraft can be attacked by zombies and attack like normal villages. Therefore, players need to build a fence or a fort to protect them properly.
Remember, the bigger your country, the easier it is to be surrounded by zombies. This raid usually occurs when the village has at least 10 beds, 20 villagers and players.

Iron Golem protects your country well

First, keep at least one bell in the safest place in the country. The player can ring this bell when enemies attack to gather everyone in a protected position.

Then, light up the village area to reduce the presence of hostile people at night. Build a wall around the base or add any other defenses you want.

above Minecraft is the easiest way to build a village. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 14:08 - 10/09/2022
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