Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H latest code 03/2023

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GameRoobie has listed the latest code Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H 03/2023 and how to enter code exact to get rewards free and many items values in Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H.

TEST PROMO CODE NEW NOW (Updated 21/03/2023)

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Share how to fill Promo Code game Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H.

Step 1: Access home Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H

Step 2: Click where enter Promo Code Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H

Step 3: Add correct Promo Code game Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H

Updating details…

Information Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H.

Do you track your goals in your todo app, journal, or custom spreadsheet?

We’ve been searching for a well-designed goal tracker for years. The leading apps are either uninspirational or hard to use. So we decided to build one that’s beautiful and functional.

Higher Goals lets you keep a dashboard of your habits and goals, so you can update them anytime, anywhere. Most importantly, you can customize colors and images to make it your own, a space for your most important ideas.

Here are the goals you can track in the app:

Improve physical and mental health
Remind yourself to drink water every day, exercise twice a week, and meditate morning, etc using the habit tracker.

Take care of your family
Remember to spend quality time with family once a week, tidy up your room once a week, and compliment your spouse every day.

Invest in yourself
Read 12 books a year, finish online courses about AI, coding, writing, design, marketing, or finance using the goal tracker.

Advance your career
Track OKRs or KPIs at work using the goal tracker and grow leadership skills utilizing the mindset tracker.

Build wealth
Set a saving goal, plan steps to launch a side-hustle that generates passive-income, and track revenue goals. Shift to an abundance mindset using the mindset tracker.

Tips for designing habits

If you want to build a new habit, you have to make it dead-simple to do, ideally under 2 minutes. Forming a new habit in 21 days never worked for us because we’ve made it too challenging. Nothing kills our motivation faster than failing to finish a task 10 times in a row.

On the other hand, small wins help stabilize our new habits, and we can gradually increase the intensity. Listen to the science of Tiny Habits, and you’ll see amazing results. Ignore science, and we go back to blame our lack of willpower.

Tips for setting goals

Achievable goals must be Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, and Time-bound. “Be healthy” alone is more of a statement than a goal. An achievable goal could be “Live a healthy lifestyle by the end of the year” with steps: 1. Choose a healthier diet. 2. Exercise twice a week. 3. Sleep before 11 pm. 4. Floss and shower every day.

Tips for staying motivated and less stressed

The problem with to-do apps today is they are training us to focus on an endless list of tasks instead of our long term vision. This infinite list causes our stress. There is not enough time.

To set yourself free, acknowledge your time is limited and focus your North Star. Higher Goals helps you identify your North Star and then displays it prominently to unlock your intrinsic motivation.


• Daily, weekly, and monthly repeated habits
• Streak stats and weekly completion trends
• Track SMART goals with percentage visualization
• Capture photos when you check off habits
• Shift mindsets and align your goals with your North Star
• Customizable header images and colors
• Sync between multiple devices
• Works offline
• Dark mode


These books heavily influenced us, and we’re continuing to improve the app by integrating more powerful habit-forming techniques.

• “Tiny Habits”
• “Atomic Habits”
• “The Miracle Mornings”
• “The One Thing”
• “The Power of Habit”
• “Mindset”
• “Nudge”
• “How will you measure your life?”

Pricing info

Higher Goals is free to use. We offer an optional Pro membership to support the development.

If you want to have more colors to choose from, track more than 20 goals and more than 8 habits, and utilize advanced habit-forming strategies, Pro membership is for you.

You can join with any of the subscription methods: *

• $3.99 USD / month
• $19.99 USD / year (equivalent to $1.66 USD / month)
• $39.99 USD / lifetime


* We may change prices without advanced notice. The price doesn’t include tax and currency exchange fees.

Link download game Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H: Download here

New feature of Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H.

Updated for 2021!
– Manage multiple life areas
– 60+ high-res header images or upload your own
– Upload photos when checking off habits
– Dark mode and offline mode are finally here for everyone
– Improved UI performance – even more smooth
– Track inspirations and rewards for goals (Pro)
– 20 more beautiful colors to choose from (Pro)

Image Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H .

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Question about Coupon Code Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H

Gamer asked innumerable problems regarding promo code Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H, we had collect below here, if you encounter it, please follow the instructions.

What is Code Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H?

Disciples simpler comprehension code Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H are coupon code gift by Offered Mindful Suite distributed to player game , support participant can add other materials in game play}.

Please code Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H new?

In this post, code Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H will be added continuously weekly when there is coupon code new for disciples to use. friends save article, sometime visit to get more code more.

Expiry date coupon code Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H?

One coupon code Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H has different expiry date, you won’t be able to tell it’s coupon code released for duration how long. Expiry date of each gift code will depend on on event taking place, can be days or days, even hours. Friends should take advantage of use soon before gift code expires expiry!

Why code Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H doesn’t work?

Overall, coupon code Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H remains active for long time. Even so after a while, the Offered delete the code. This usually happens in a large update game. However, comrades please note the following things when conduct enter code.

– Code is case sensitive.

– To enter exact, friend just copy Code in the table above and paste into the Code input box in game instead of manual.

Me add promo code Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H no reward?

Some user add code again see code Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H is false or doesn’t work due to expired expiry. But the majority has some reasons why code doesn’t exists that is a fellow believer |you} don’t enter exactly code.

Me can use this giftcode multiple times?

No! friends can only be used once for a certain account.

When is the latest code Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H available?

Actually, there is currently no release date for the latest giftcode Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H specifically which date is for gamers, so co-religion will have to save this web and update regularly. We will work hard update code so that disciples enter and get item.

When add code Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H succeeds me what to do?

No need to do anything, item will be sent to player’s player right away immediately. If not receive get item ie means you have entered that giftcode or code has expired date validity okay.


Above is the latest code Higher Goals – Goal Setter & H code most correct to get more items rare in game.

Hope content will help you have a great experience. If you have difficulty in manipulation, please comment below this article.

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