Happy Land – Interesting NFT farming game

happy world A great and interesting NFT game on the web. Here’s what you need to know Happy Land Play.

Happy land block farm game
Happy land block farm game

Everything you need to know before playing Happy Land

Happy Land Play A blockchain game platform, inspired by the country of Texas, USA. In Happy Land, players take on the role of a farm owner. So, basically, the tasks that need to be done include planting, chickens and taking care of the farm so that it doesn’t overgrow.

From there, each player participates in creating a multi-farm metaverse with many unique customization styles.

An amazing game in Happy Land

Good farm land

Become a farmer

In Happy Land, you can become a real farm owner. Many crops are waiting for you to harvest, pets are waiting for you to breed and fields are waiting for you to grow. Do you have the qualities of a talented farm owner? let’s go Play in Happy Land Find out the answer!

Happy Earth Metaverse


Happy Land’s farm and town system (including shopping, entertainment…) and 3D characters will bring you a great entertainment experience.

Happy to cultivate the land

Farming to earn money

the player happy land You can sell collected items to get experience points and tokens. Of course, to make a sale, you need to make a certain number of products at once.

To own a farm in Happy Land, players must create an account linked to the Metamask wallet. Player data will be stored in the Happy Land system.

When entering the game, players have a house and warehouse. Planting land can be bought in the shop or sold to others in the Happyland Market.

general, Happy gaming in NFT land This is a good choice for those who love farming simulation games.

Update at 9:38 - 11/09/2022
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