GTA Online 2022 Tips To Win Races

One of the most popular activities in GTA Online is racing That’s it How do you win the fastest race in GTA Online?.

GTA Online Career Tips 2022

  • slipstream
  • quick start
  • Avoid collision with other vehicles
  • Avoid obstacles
  • Choose a car with high speed


Slipstreaming in GTA 5

Rockstar invested heavily in GTA 5 players can even “slipstream” while racing like in real life, during the race, if you are behind, try to hide your car behind your opponent until you find two white lines. By placing the car between the two you can go about 10% faster, thus overtaking the car in front.

A slipstream is a real phenomenon that occurs when a car is behind another car. The lead car creates a flow of air behind the car which slows it down. This creates a low pressure area for the car behind.

quick start

Quick start in GTA 5

GTA Online has a mechanic called Turbo Start, which encourages players to start a race. Simply hold the push button during the countdown, release when the number 1 starts to fade, and press again when the Go signal is heard.

Avoid collision with other vehicles

While stabbing may be a good idea because people think it’s easier to destroy an enemy, this method is usually not very effective.

If a player tries to hit an opponent by tilting his car to the right or left, the car may spin and lose speed. This allows other opponents to beat you easily. So, try to avoid the crash and see if you suffer the consequences.

Avoid obstacles

Apart from the opponent, you also need to watch the road ahead and the turns. The first 30 seconds are the most important. Players must try to avoid all collisions.

Hitting a barrier is the most important factor that affects the outcome of a race. By avoiding unnecessary collisions, players can maintain momentum and win.

How to Race to Win in GTA 5

Choose a car with high speed

Speed ​​is never the most important thing when racing. Acceleration is what you should care about. GTA Racing always has many unexpected twists and difficult management. Also, vehicles with low acceleration take more damage when hitting obstacles. Tips for choosing a high speed racing car with average top speed

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