GTA 5: Quick and easy car repair tips

GTA 5 car repair codes How and is there a quick and easy way to repair the car? Let’s find out with!

Car crash in GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular street robbery games in the world and still ranks as one of the best video games of all time. The latest installment – ​​GTA V is the second best selling game in the series with more than 135 million copies sold worldwide. As the name suggests, cars are an important part of the game. Therefore, getting hit or damaged by a car is not common. You can use the money to repair the car quickly. However, this method is quite expensive.

If you don’t want to use money to repair your broken car, you can apply the methods below or use the recommended GTA 5 car repair orders at the end of the article.

Tips for cheap car repair in GTA 5

Before we begin, you should know that there is no real way to fix the vehicle’s handling in GTA 5. Once your vehicle is damaged, it will not be saved to its original state in the PC version. However, you can use some tips, not tricks. Everything is simple to use, but surprisingly effective. Here are some ways to fix your car for free or save a lot of money

Change characters in GTA 5

Change character

This GTA 5 tip has been discovered since the first day of Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar still hasn’t patched this vulnerability. Then change characters every time your car breaks down. Somehow it magically returns to its original state.

Below is a step-by-step description of how to repair cars in GTA 5 PC:

  1. Enter the game, take the car and drive it around the city of San Andreas.
  2. Change any character you want (Franklin, Trevor or Michael).
  3. Switch back to the main character when you start the game.
  4. The vehicle will return to its original appearance without any repair costs.

However, this tip will not fully restore the car, meaning some damage will remain. However, this is a way to reduce repair costs.

Save and reload

Another tip for repairing cars in GTA 5 is to save the current game session. Then reload the game and find your car in its original state.

Save GTA 5 game

Buy a garage

This is one of the reasons why it is generally recommended to save up enough money to buy a garage in GTA 5 as soon as possible. It is not only a place to maintain vehicles but also a place to repair them. To do this GTA 5 car repair tip, take the broken car to the garage. Then he went out the other way and entered the garage again. You will see that the affected vehicle is restarted.

Buy a garage in GTA 5

Buy a custom tent

When you play GTA 5 as Franklin, you have the option to purchase one of the custom shops in Los Santos. After purchase, all repairs and upgrades to your vehicle are completely free.

Note: All the above tips do not require you to enter any GTA 5 cheat codes. You can take advantage of these tips to make your street robbery experience more enjoyable.

Super cars in GTA 5

If you still want to use cheats, you can apply the following GTA 5 cheat codes along with the above car repair tips to increase the fun of playing the game:

  • Buzzard attack helicopter: BUZZOFF
  • Aerobics: Barnstorm
  • Chemical plane: FLYSPRAY
  • Seaplane Dodo: Extinct
  • Kraken Sub: Bubbles
  • Duke O’Death: Carr Deathcar
  • Cometa Sports Car: Cometa
  • Rapid GT Sports Racing Car: Rapid GT
  • Limousine: Pers
  • Garbage Truck: SCATU
  • Golf Caddy: HOLEIN1
  • Off-road motorcycle Sanchez: Offroad
  • PCJ Motorcycle: Rocket
  • BMX Bike: BANDIT

Here’s what you need to know How to repair cars in GTA 5. I hope you find useful information here for development How to play GTA. Remember, they’re not stupid, so you don’t have to write any strings of code. So don’t be afraid to try!

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