Genshin is the top ranked sword in Impact

West Wind Sword or Wind Wind Sword, Black Lava Long Sword… Which is the strongest sword of Genshin Impact? Let’s take a look at Genshin Impact is the most powerful sword Please!

Rank the best swords in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a great gacha game with an excellent basic character system and an impressive collection of weapons. The actual number always increases after each update.

Genshin Impact’s weapons are very interesting in design and power. Just choose the right sword type, even a 0 star character like Jin can easily become SS level. Also, swords can also help players The genshin effect Added support for increasing his DPS. You have many options. That’s it List of Genshin Impact Swords best rate

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  • 0 the first

    Blackcliff Longsword – Black Rock Longsword

    Skyward Blade in Genshin Impact

    You can get this sword through Paimon’s Bargains along with 24 Masterless Starglitters.

    • Basic Attack: 44
    • Crash Damage: 8%

    This sword has a Press the Advantage effect that increases the character’s attack by 12% for 30 seconds after killing an enemy and can be stacked up to 3 times.

  • 0 2

    Burning desire – rust foam

    Genshin wants to awaken the influence

    Festering Desire is a 4-star sword given to players for free during the Dragonspine event.

    • Basic Attack: 42
    • Initial Payment Efficiency: 10%

    This Eternal Praise Sword effect increases initial damage from 16% to 32%. This makes them perfect tools for characters like Xingqiu. Primary ability shock damage increased from 6% to 12%.

  • 0 3

    Sacrificial Sword – Sacrificial Sword

    The Sacrificial Sword is a 4-star weapon obtained from a tree.

    • Main Attack: 41
    • Initial charge efficiency: 13.3%

    This Genshin Impact Sword has a compound feature that increases the chance of CD reset from 40% to 80% after using the character’s basic skill. This ability can only be activated every 30 seconds.

  • 0 4

    Fevonius Sword – West Wind Sword

    Fevonius Sword in Genshin Impact

    The Favonius Sword is a 4-star sword, perfect for those interested in basic charging skills and devastating damage.

    • Main Attack: 41
    • Initial charge efficiency: 13.3%

    Like most Fevonius weapons, this Genshin Impact sword has a wind effect. Crash Damage has a 60% to 80% chance to deal 6 items to the character and can only be cast every 6 to 12 seconds.

  • 0 5

    Lion’s Roar – Dragon’s Roar

    Lion's Roar under Genshin's influence

    Lion’s Roar is a tactical sword, especially useful in boss fights and Spiral Abyss.

    • Basic Attack: 42
    • Crash Damage: 9%

    This sword has bane of fire and thunder with the ability to increase 20% damage to enemies hit by fire and lightning.

  • 0 6

    Black Sword – Black sword

    Black sword with genshin effect

    The Black Sword is an item that can be obtained by acquiring a Battle Pass, then reaching level 30.

    • Basic Attack: 42
    • Crash Damage: Additional 6%

    This sword has a Justice effect, increasing damage by 20% per attack. It regenerates 60% of a character’s attack when the whip is deployed as HP, making it the perfect weapon for those who don’t want to include a healer on their team. Healing can occur every 5 seconds until the character takes shock damage.

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