Genshin Impact: The ultimate powerful lineup to build with Raiden Shogun

Team Raiden Shogun What characters should be included? How to Build a Raiden Shogun Team Depends on your strategy. Here are some suggestions to try.

How Raiden Shogun Works with Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a very popular gacha game today with a character system that has many basic skills.

Genshin Impact introduces several new Lightning-type characters at launch in the Inazuma region, including the titular Archon. Raiden Shogun aka Baal is a character with a special ability in Genshin Impact. Baal’s main job is to extract an electric sword from his body and use it to slash enemies.

This playable character can sometimes “destroy” bosses in one move, but sometimes she can also be a great help to her teammates, especially when Eula wants to run or create chaos. Building a team for Raiden Shogun isn’t difficult once you’ve mastered this character’s skills. Here are suggestions Building the Thunder God Raiden Shogun team Genshin is the best in effect.

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    Yomiya and Raiden Shogun

    Yoimiya is a Fire – Pyro character who can create fireworks with explosives. When using an explosion, this character can apply a pyro elemental effect to a large group of enemies. Then switch to Raiden Shogun to drop ball blasts or elemental abilities. Its components combine and create a strong response to overload.

    Yomiya in Genshin Impact

    Also, the Yomiya can be engaged in mid-range and long-range encounters, while the Raiden Shogun is better suited for close combat. You should use Raiden Shogun during the resting phase of the Hypostasis bosses and use Yoimiya to attack them during their active phase.

    How to build a team for Raiden Shogun

    The lineup includes Yoimiya and Raiden ShogunFor the other 2 positions you should choose Zhongli and Xingqiu.

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    Hyper Raid

    Hyper Raid

    You need Kuzu Sarah and Bennett in this team. They will increase Raiden Shogun’s attack power. Also, Kazuha’s elemental blast deals initial damage from reactions and lowers enemy resistance. Kazuha’s attack adds Electro and damages the group, so they are hit by Raiden Shogun’s blast. If you don’t have Kuzu Sara, you can substitute Lisa.

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    Hu Tao and Raiden Shogun

    In addition to Hu Tao and Raiden Shogun, you also need Jingqiu and Zhongli. Xingqiu will help him heal and create a steamy reaction. Zhongli is a great DPS feature that helps you create geo columns that deal damage and block enemies. In this formation, Raiden Shogun will use Electro to hit the enemy before Hu Tao fires a series of blasts to cause a reaction.

    Hu Tao and Raiden Shogun

    If you build Hu Tao to level 90, this DPS pyro character can take out a boss of the same level with a few elemental blasts. Hu Tao is now one of the strongest Genshin Impact DPS characters. If Zhongli creates crystals with reactive elements, try to create a powerful shield from them.

    Team Hu Tao and Raiden Shogun
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    Yula and Raiden Shogun

    This is a top rated Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun build. Yula has a very powerful blast element, capable of creating sharp ice spikes over a large area. Raiden Shogun is now the best companion for this Cryo DPS character.

    Eula and Baal

    After Yula’s move, Raiden Shogun can attack enemies with powerful elemental skills and explosions that generate superconduct reactions. The combination of Yula and Raiden Shogun can deal physical and elemental damage to enemies. Apart from this pair, you need Fischl and Deona for 2 more positions

    How to build the best team for Bal
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    National team

    This method of team formation for Raiden Shogun is considered as the national team with Bal, Xiangling, Jingqiu, Bennett. You have many opportunities to roll Jiangling, Jingqiu and Bennett from Wish Banner.

    The strength of this team comes from early feedback. Therefore, you can use other characters with similar elements or skills to interact with Baal.

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    Team Electro as a whole

    How to build a Raiden Shogun team with all power characters

    Perhaps this is the choice that makes Raiden Shogun the most suitable for all audiences. In general, electron reactions are not considered to be the most powerful of genshin’s effects, so the group generally ignores them to focus on increasing effective damage.

    This team offers Electro Resonance, so you don’t run out of energy to explode. Because of that, team rotation becomes easy. Kujou Sara is a good option to use in this team as she can take all of your damage (especially at 6) without worrying about overloading herself when paired with Bennett.

    To complete the team, you can use other electro-type characters such as Beidou and Fischl. They can help boost damage and make Thunderstorm twice as powerful when Raiden Shogun is on cooldown.

  • Here they are Build a line with Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact Maximum rate. Share your other ways to do Raiden Shogun!

Update at 13:52 - 10/09/2022
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