Genshin Impact: The best weapon for Shikanoin Heijo

Shikanoin Heizo Genshin is Impact’s favorite character. Choose the right weapon for Genshin Impact Heijo Maximize this character’s power.

Heizo in Genshin Impact

Basically, based on How to make Heiju in Genshin Impact To pick the best weapon, when fighting a boss, Heizou should use a weapon that deals more damage, but if you build Heizou with more focus on rolling, Elemental Mastery is the best option.

When using Heijo Genshin Impact, you should focus on his main skill. After stacking all Declinations, Heartstopper Kick enters Conviction – increasing the skill’s base damage by 2.5x. Therefore, Heizou’s magic weapon must combine all these conditions perfectly. Here are the weapons to use for Heizou in Genshin Impact.

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    Blackcliffe Gate

    Blackcliffe on Genshin Impact

    • Base Damage: 510
    • Crash Damage: 55.1%
    • R5 Effect: After defeating an opponent, increase ATK by 25% for 30 seconds. This effect has a maximum of 3 stacks. The duration of each stack is independent of the other.

    The Blackcliff weapon is the ideal choice for any DPS with Genshin Impact. Like other damage characters, Heizo needs devastating damage to improve his skills, especially elemental skills. Blackcliff Increases Heizo’s attack by % each time it defeats an enemy for high damage.

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    solar pearl

    Solar Pearl in Genshin Impact

    • Base Damage: 510
    • Crash Damage: 27.6%
    • R5 Effect: Increases normal attack skill by 40% and basic burst for 6 seconds.

    What makes Solar Pearl good for Heizou is the increased damage. This factor makes Heizou the perfect early DPS for Genshin Impact.

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    Sea map

    Best weapon for Heizou in Genshin Impact

    • Base Damage: 565
    • Shock Damage: 110 Elemental Mastery
    • R5 Effect: Activates an elemental reaction that deals 16% more elemental damage over 10 seconds. Max Battery: 2

    Sea Map is one of Genshin Impact’s best possible weapons. This weapon deals 32% total damage to the user’s element to trigger an elemental reaction. For Heizou, this task is very easy as the character’s entire gameplay revolves around activating the scroll.

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    Widcyth on Genshin Impact

    • Base Damage: 510
    • Crash Damage: 55.1%
    • Effect R5: When a character enters the field, they get a random theme song for 10 seconds. This can happen once every 30 seconds. Cooldown: Increases attack by 120%. Music: Increases all elemental damage by 96%. Cooldown: Increases basic skill by 480.

    In R1, Widsith is a good choice for Heizou. For R5, Widsith has become one of the best weapons not only for Heizou, but for Genshin Impact. This weapon has several passives that can be activated randomly. All with a crazy buff. What makes it even better is the shock damage, which increases Heizo’s overall power.

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    The lost prayer of the holy wind

    The lost prayer of the holy wind

    • Base Damage: 608
    • Crash Damage: 33.1%
    • Effect: Increases Movement SPD by 10%. During battle, increases elemental damage by 8% every 4 seconds. Stacks up to 4. Lasts until the character fails or leaves the battle.

    Since Heizu is a DPS, this character spends more time on the battlefield than his teammates. This activates the passive feature of Lost Prayer of Holy Wind. Over time, Heizu stacks more elemental damage with increased movement speed. Also, as a 5-star weapon, it has a high missing prayer stat, especially a 33% attack rate.

Update at 15:32 - 10/09/2022
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