Genshin Impact Fishing Guide: Fishing Areas and Fishing Seasons

Genshin Fishing Effect System An interesting point in the 2.1 update. Here’s what you need to know How does Genshin influence fish?.

Fishing on the Genshin Impact

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How does Genshin influence fish?

  • How to unlock fishing system in Genshin Impact
  • How does Genshin influence fish?
  • Fishing area and time to catch genshin effect

How to unlock fishing system in Genshin Impact

Adventure Rank – The fishing system can be unlocked by the player only after reaching Adventure Rank 30. Also, you need to complete the world quest Population Explosion – Giant Fish and make sure the system is unlocked Build a house in Tran Ka Ke.

Also, The genshin effect Also add NPC Nantuck – Fishing Rod Dealer and Designer. You can find it near the harbor outside Mondstad. Players should use the fish caught in exchange for the above items. The bait design can be used in the Tran Ka Kettle world or the crafting bench in the 3 cities.

Aquarium under genshin influence

You can find other fishermen to buy supplies. For example, Kijirai Momiji outside the town of Inazuma sells sake pot crafting materials, “The Catch” brand, and fishing rods. Jiawei of Liyue Port sells fishing rods and sapphire grace lakes to breed fish in your Chen Ji Kettle world.

Blue Grace Lake in Tran Ka Ke

How does Genshin influence fish?

Genshin Impact’s 3 areas have added a variety of fish to many fishing opportunities. Each species is attracted to its prey. This is a very important thing to consider when fishing. Here are the step by step details How does Genshin influence fish?::

1. Craft Bait at the Crafting Bench.

2. Fishing.

3. Choose a rod and bait to catch the fish you want.

Preparing to fish with Genshin Impact

4. Hold the cast rod button – release the rod to enter position targeting mode and release the button to cast the bait. Do not cast the bait too far from the fish you want to catch.

Let go of fishing lures at Genshin Impact

5. When the fish bites the bait, press the button raise the hook – pull the lever. Otherwise, the fish will eat all your bait.

The fish that ate Genshin Impact

6. The fish will fight after the rod is pulled. Hold and release the fish button to adjust the fishing line tension. In fact, you should set it to the ideal level of yellow to increase fishing progress. If this tension is not sustained and growth returns to 0, the fish will escape.

Adjusting fishing rod tension on genshin impact

7. After the fishing progress bar is full, you have successfully caught a fish.

Fishing area and time to catch genshin effect

Knowledge of the fishing areas of Mondstadt, Inazuma and Leeuwe is very important. You can use the interactive map to find all the fish in Genshin Impact. Go to the interactive map, then select the fish you want to catch. Then, pin the places on the minimap and go there

Genshin Impact The game does not provide accurate fish cooldown times. However, many players say that the refresh cycle of each fishing spot is about 3 days.

Genshin Impact Fishing Area

Raimei is the angel fish

You need 8 Raimei Angelfish and 12 Angelfish for their Ako’s Sake Vessel to exchange the catch. This fish is very rare. You can only find it in the fishing area near the shipwreck in the east lagoon of Tatarsuna Island.

  • Suggested Time: 6 hours to 6 hours.
  • Bait: False worms

Note that there are many dangerous enemies in this fishing area. You have to defeat them first.

Golden Koi

Golden Koi are found in many places in Teywat. You can easily find it in 5 regions in 3 countries, including: 1 in Mondstad, 3 in Liwe, and 1 in Inazuma.

  • River Mount Stormbear.
  • 3 locations in Liuye, including Luhua Lake, east of Guili Plain and northeast of Wangshu Inn.
  • Seven Idols of Koseki Village, Serai Island.

You need 20 gold koi in exchange for catch and use fake fly bait to catch them when you visit the above locations.

It’s rust

The rusty koi is a fish in the same family as the golden koi. You need 20 rust kai to get a shot from Kujirai Momiji You can find it in 5 places along with Golden Koi in Liyue and Inazuma. Another rusty koen fishery in Mondstad, east of Cider Lake.

In short, every day on the 3rd, you can fish in the genshin effect water area in the area mentioned above. above How does Genshin influence fish?. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 3:31 - 11/09/2022
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