Genshin Impact Durin and Rindotti: What You Need to Know

Durin and Rindotti at Genshin Impact A non-playable character. However, both play an important role. That’s it Everything you need to know about Durin and Rindotti in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Durin and Rindotis There is a special connection with the beautiful character Albedo. Find out every character’s relationship with Albedo in Genshin Impact!

Genshin Impact Durin

Genshin was poisoned by Durin's blood in Impact
Genshin was poisoned by Durin’s blood in Impact

Durin appears in a very short cutscene about Dovalin and Barbatos. Durin is a night dragon, often causing chaos in Mondstad. After that, Dovalin solved the problem caused by Durin.

Durin is said to have poisoned Dovalin with his blood, causing the Storm Terror to be controlled by the Order of the Abyss. As such, the Traveler must cleanse Dovalin’s blood in several Archon Quest missions in Mondstad.

Durin has the appearance of a monstrous skull. Before being corrupted by Rhindottir, Durin was a gentle dragon. He also likes to be friends and get close to Dovalin. However, Durin has now turned into a mad dragon.

After Durin's transformation, Durin and Dovalin become rivals
After Durin’s transformation, Durin and Dovalin become rivals

According to the legend of Dragonspine, the Spear and Festering Desire were created by this black dragon. The Sword Festering Desire is also linked to his desire to become a dragon. Along with the characters Albedo, Traveler and Paimon, Prince Chuck and the Dragon, this sword must be purified during the event.

Genshin Impact Rindotis

Genshin is a secret NPC from Rindotti in Impact. He is famous as Deva or Mahapapi. This NPC does not appear in any of the game’s cutscenes, but is still very popular for its creativity in groups of monsters.

Genshin created Rindotti's Albedo through Impact Alchemy
Rhindottir Genshin Impact creates albedo through alchemy

Albedo and the formation of Rhinedotire in the Durin Genshin Impact. So Albedo called Brother Durin. Albedo was born from alchemy.

Although Rhinedottir and Durin are not playable characters, they play an important role in the story of Genshin Impact.

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