Genshin Impact: A 5-star character with full C0 level potential

Genshin affects the zodiac sign system Very useful, but not all powerful. That’s it Strong genshin effect character at C0 level.

Bo is Genshin Impact’s P2W (Pay for Gen) system where multiple copies of a character are unlocked with progressively higher skill levels, even adding new abilities. Players rarely reach the maximum character level of 5 stars because luck tokens don’t come easily.

Normally, you control a 5-star character at C0 level. But, don’t worry! Genshin Impact still has 5-star characters with full C0 level potential.

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    Aika in Genshin Impact

    Ayaka can handle normal and early DPS well, even at C0 level. The game has the option to create powerful teams for free and fast enemies. This is why Ayaka Genshin is one of the best C0 level characters in Impact.

    Additionally, his attacks are also faster, use less energy, and have more invulnerable moves. This means it will be easier for you to defeat dangerous enemies. The best gear for Ayaka Genshin Impact is Mistsplitter Reforged Sword and Blizzard Strayer x4 Relic Set.

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    It's the Genshin Impact

    Other characters in Genshin Impact can be compared to Ganue for varying damage. With his increased damage and many AoE skills, even at C0 he can deal a lot of damage to his targets.

    Ganu’s heavy attack is different from the bow and arrow character of Genshin Impact. It has different levels. Each level has its own damage multiplier. This is very effective against enemies with weaknesses as all arrows fired have a damage status.

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    Aartaki Itto in Genshin Impact

    As one of the most underrated characters, Genshin Impact Ito can only work in a Rock-type team. However, with the right teammates, this character can be unbeatable in DPS lane. It has a high attack stat, so it is easy to build a team.

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    Hu Tao in Genshin Impact

    Hu Tao was one of the strongest Genshin Impact Damagers. He is good at single-targeting, especially when it comes to canceling a heavy hit and triggering a fusion and vaporization reaction.

    Hu Tao reached C1 level, with a new passive skill that removes stamina drain when using heavy attacks.

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    Genshin influence Ayato

    This Water Genshin Impact character is a SS Class DPS. Deals damage to one or more targets. Overall, Ayato is really the only Hydro character that can deal AoE damage over a large area for a long time.

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Update at 4:07 - 10/09/2022
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