Genshin Impact 3.0: New Characters, Weapons, Relics

Genshin Impact 3.0 Finally came. We will learn the content together Latest update of Genshin Impact What is interesting?

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Genshin Impact 3.0 The long-awaited finale has finally made its global debut, bringing with it a ton of exciting new content, including a new region and special characters.

new character

Kolei under Genshin's influence


Kolei is a character that uses the 4 star symbol of the Dendro system. It is free for all players as part of a permanent event. Kolei is a support character that can always use Dendro elements, even when not on the field.


Dori is an excellent thunder-type 4-star sword user. As a Lightning DPS character, Dory has the ability to use this element and heal while on the field. In addition, Dory also has the ability to increase power for her companions.


Tighnari is the main 5-star character introduced in Genshin Impact 3.0. They use a bow, dendro-type, like the Kali. Overall, Tighnari is the first dendro DPS in the game, with a set of items that can deal continuous damage with dendro reactions.

Dendro Traveler

This character is expected to be a good support for almost every line of Genshin Impact.

new weapon

New weapons in Genshin Impact 3.0

  • Sapwood Blade (4 stars) – Initial Attack: 43.73
  • Forest Regalia (4 stars) – Initial Attack: 43.73
  • Moonpiercer (4 stars) – Basic Attack 43.73
  • Fruit of Perfection (4 stars) – Base Attack: 42.4
  • King’s Square (4 stars) – Main Attack: 41.07
  • Trawler (4 stars) – Primary Attack: 42.4
  • The Hunter’s Way (5 stars) – Basque Attack: 43.34

New ruins

  • Memories of Deepwood
  • golden dream

Dendro basic reactions

You can see details of Dendro’s initial reaction to Genshin Impact at

A new cast of Sumeru's characters

The new place is Sumeru

Here are the new places players should check out when visiting Sumeru:

  • Ardravi Valley.
  • the monkey
  • area of ​​concern
  • Lokpal forest
  • forest of hope
  • Forest of Ignorance

Sumeru’s dream tree has the same function as Inazuma’s sacred cherry tree. But he used the sigil Dendro.

secret scene

Here are the new secret scenes Sumeru players will discover:

  • Piece of childhood dream
  • Coordinates of sunlight and precipitation
  • dark valley
  • In the shade of the umbrella

New events and missions

The following events have been confirmed as part of the Genshin Impact 3.0 update:

  • Graven Innocence
  • Faiz’s trial
  • lost treasure
  • Keep the line overflow
  • Tablet analysis

This latest Genshin Impact update reveals Kolei and Crown of Insight appearing in the Graven Innocence event.

Genshin Impact 3.1: Release Date, Character Banner

Genshin Impact 3.1 has an expected release date of September 28, 2022. Additionally, the developer also announced that 3 new characters will be released under the Genshin Impact 3.1 update banner.


The genshin effect

Tevat Chapter Storyline Preview: Saino was used as Sumeru’s face in the travel video. This character also appears briefly, but has a significant presence in the manga. At Lisa’s request, Saino is sent to Sumeru Academia to help Kolei overcome his grief.

Recently, this Genshin Impact character has appeared several times in Sumeru’s videos related to various images. Sometimes Saino uses his Greatsword to fight Alhaitham, other times he uses Lightning Vision to follow him. They all show that Cyno is a lightning type 5-star sword character.

the blue

Blue in Genshin Impact

Nilu was a Sumerian dancer. This beautiful woman uses water element. Neelu will use the sword based on the information received. Like Heizou, Neelu attacks her opponents with enchantments, not the weapons she uses.

Here are the details Genshin Impact 3.0. Share what you know about Mukti with readers The genshin effect latest version This is it!

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