Genshin Impact 2.6: Ayato defeats Tsukishiro Futsu Weapon

Ayato’s signature weapon – defeated Tsukishiro Futsu by Genshin Impact Let’s find out with What is special about the effect of Ayato’s Genshin weapon? Please!

Tsukishiro lost to Futsu Genshin Impact
Tsukishiro lost to Futsu Genshin Impact

The genshin effect It will be updated on March 30, 2022 and will continue till May 10 The first flag of this patch is the new character Ayato Like other flags, Ayato also has its own weapon. That’s it Tsukishiro Futsu lost his sword.

Ayato lost to Tsukishiro Futsu at Genshin Impact

Defeating Tsukishiro Futsu is the main reward for the next weapon banner, with Ventir’s LG Bow and The End’s Arrow. This 5 Star Genshin Impact Weapon has the following stats:

  • attack: 46 – 608
  • standard speed: 7.2 – 33.1%
  • passive power: The current is respectable

If a normal attack from a party member near Ayato hits an opponent, the character with this weapon will stack up to 5 Wavespike, increasing initial damage by 12%. You can activate that effect once every 0.3 seconds. When Ayato uses basic skills, all Wavespike will be used to gain ripping chaos. Each wavespike increases normal attack damage by 20% for 8 seconds.

Yato's sword is special compared to other Genshin effect weapons
Yato’s sword is special compared to other Genshin effect weapons

Initial bonus increased from 12 to 15/18/21/24% hit points from 1 to 5. Wavespike’s normal damage bonus has also increased from 40% at level 5.

Genshin’s influence on Ayato’s sword quality

How will Haran Tsukishiro contact Futsu Ayato?

Ayato’s weapons are designed around normal attacks, so with this character’s basic skills, you can’t use Charge or Plunge. All damage to enemies is done with a normal attack.

Therefore, a special sword like Haran Tsukishiro Futsu would be the best choice for Ayato. With 5 stacks, the player can take 100% damage to enemies for the duration of Ayato’s ability. This is Genshin Impact’s biggest attack.

Also, the condition to get this buff is very easy. Just attack other characters.

Some characters can use Ayato’s sword in Genshin Impact

Basically, Ayato’s sword has +12% primary damage and crushing damage is the secondary stat. This genshin effect is very useful for sword-wielding characters, it doesn’t rely on normal attacks. However, no one can use Haran Tsukishiro Futsu and Ayato.

Tsukishiro Futsu is lost under the influence of the Breakthrough Element Genshin

Defeat Tsukishiro Futsu The level requires some Inazuma elements, especially Old Handguard and Narukami’s victory.

layer to do it The material that
the first 10,000 won Narukami’s Wisdom x5 – Dark Statuette x5 – Old Paramani x3
2 20,000 won Narukami’s Victory x5 – Dark Statuette x18 – Old Handguard x12
3 30,000 won Narukami’s Joy x9 – Dark Statue x9 – Paramani Kageuchi x9
4 45,000 won Narukami’s Love x5 – Dark Statue x18 – Kageuchi Gem x14
5 55,000 won Narukami’s Love x9 – Death Statue x14 – Famous Paramani x9
6 65,000 won Narukami’s Valor x6 – Death Statue x27 – Famous Handguard x18

Update at 3:01 - 11/09/2022
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