Genshin Effects: Place and Path to Flowering

The genshin effect This is an important component if you want to update Hu Tao, Xingqiu. That’s it How to cultivate the Genshin effect normally.

Genshin's usual beautiful position had the effect

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If you love playing gacha games, you definitely can’t ignore Genshin’s influence. Despite rumors of plagiarism, Genshin Impact still has the “background” to be one of the best cross-platform games and highest-grossing video games in the world today.

This is because the Genshin Impact game has a lot of creativity. The game world is huge with a different mission system for players to experience. You can play alone or team up with friends to fight monsters or solve mysteries in secret scenes on your adventures in Liyue, Mondstadt and more.

In particular, miHoyo actively updates Genshin Impact regularly. With each update, the game adds new content, missions and events. Therefore, players will never get hurt while feeling Genshin’s effects.

An important task while playing this gacha game is to collect materials to upgrade and develop the characters, flowers being one of them.

Speaking of flowers in Genshin Impact, it is definitely impossible to ignore the common flower (English name Silk Flower). It is a specialty of the Liuye region. Players need to level up Hu Tao or Jingqiu and collect them regularly if they want to weave cloth for house furniture.

Genshin Impact flowers are very beautiful and not difficult to collect. But this flower is rare. So, to have enough stock, you can spend a lot of time saving. will notify you The genshin effect Find them fast.

Genshin Impact Location and Art Mode

  • Genshin’s usual beautiful position had the effect
  • General flower shop in Genshin Impact
  • How to find Liuye Miss Bai and Ver Goldette in Genshin Impact

Genshin’s usual beautiful position had the effect

Genshin Liuyi influenced the port

Unlike other plants, The genshin effect The game is only made in two different regions. The first place where you can find flowers is usually Yujing roof Liyue Harbor. Teleport to the nearest transfer point and follow the path marked above every few days. You can also find lapis lazuli around that area.

Turn on the Genshin effect

The second most popular place is usually Wangshu Inn, which is located between Bato Gate and Liuye Port. You can quickly collect all these flowers by following the path marked in the image above. To make sure you don’t miss or leave any flowers behind, make sure the flowering plant is dark before you go.

Just make sure to get a regular crocus of the Genshin effect to craft a cloth.

Each bush consists of 3 simple flowers. They have a vibrant red color so they are very recognizable. Out till 2pm A place called Genshin Impact Above, you can buy in stores.

General flower shop in Genshin Impact

General flower shop in Genshin Impact

Mr. Bai and Vong Thu Var in Queens Village sell simple flowers at Goldet Genshin Impact. Both the stores have these 5 flowers in stock. They sold their 1,000 Blackberry/Cotton. So, to get 10 flowers, you need to pay 10,000 blackberries.

Can save “Restock” once every 2 days. You can visit Verr Goldent at the end of your trip to discover Vong Thu Inn.

How to find Liuye Miss Bai and Ver Goldette in Genshin Impact

Yes Genshin Impact

Mrs. Bye lives in Queen’s Village, next to the family’s main house. At first, you might not recognize this character because he doesn’t look like a typical owner If you go through the factory, you are too far

Inns of Genshin Impact often sell flowers

Ver Goldett is the owner of Vong Thu Inn. Just go to the inn’s registration desk to meet him.

above How to find and create fantasy in Genshin Impact. if you knew Genshin affects the normal position of the farm Anyway, share with readers!

Update at 18:24 - 10/09/2022
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