Genshin Effects: Common Mistakes When Using Kokomi

Kokomi is an easy character to play, but players can still make a lot of mistakes when using her during gameplay. The genshin effect. Here are some common mistakes we invite you to follow to avoid while playing Kokomi.

Game Genshin Impact
Game Genshin Impact

Common mistakes when using Kokomi in Genshin Impact

You underestimate the potential for long-term therapy

  • Extra healing usually increases healing and doesn’t affect damage, but for Kokomi, it’s better to use a healing head for Kokomi than to use a HP% helmet.

Do not adjust the Holy Relic set according to role

Best Holy Relics of Kokomi Introduction:

  • Pure Healing Game: Magic equipment with % HP like Eternal Moon or Golden Model is the best choice
  • Play style to maximize damage: Kokomi can use weapons that have the ability to increase DPS damage output such as Dragon Slayer Story or White God Ring, the set of Holy Relics is a set of 4 solid Thien Naham.
  • Sub-DPS Games: K is not the team’s biggest source of damage, but it can still deal a lot of damage.

Prioritize attack stats over HP

  • Kokomi’s healing power is proportional to the amount of HP, so increasing the attack means less recovery and not optimizing the amount of damage from the Ocean Conch set.

Fake guns are underrated

  • Forged weapons may not be very popular, but Kokomi can effectively use forged weapons if the player doesn’t have any in Eternal Moon City.

Unjust enrichment of wealth

Prioritizing talent upgrades should also focus on each role:

  • Pure Healing Game: Only increase basic skills.
  • Play style to maximize damage: Only increase basic skills.
  • Sub-DPS Games: Rage skills are equal to basic skills and ultimately take precedence over hand-to-hand combat.
  • DPS Games: Rage skills will come first, then basic skills, and finally hand-to-hand combat.

Little is understood about fundamental resonance

  • Water Elemental Resonance increases healing by 30% for the entire party.
Update at 2:47 - 11/09/2022
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