Genshin Effect: Where and how to open the Lumenspur hidden portal

In the deep rock underground mines of Genshin Impact, the Lumenspur is hidden behind a locked door. That’s it How to reach and open the Lumenspur locked door in Genshin Impact.

Hide in the Genshin Impact and open the portal to get the Lumesper
Hide in the Genshin Impact and open the portal to get the Lumesper

The genshin effect One of the best Gacha games today with great graphics and gameplay. The biggest attraction of the game is that new areas are added with every update, giving players many pleasant surprises. And finally there’s Genshin Impact Deep Rock.

Deep Rock Genshin Impact offers a new way to play for players. There are many underground mines to exploit the resources. Lumen tin thatch or Lumenspar is a type of stone if you want a tool to exchange valuable rewards for working here.

It’s not hard to find Lumenspar in the deep rocks of the Genshin Impact. However, there is a locked door inside the Lumenspur that you don’t know about.

Lumenspur’s location is hidden in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact locks this Lumenspur hidden in a secret room north of the main ad hoc channel. It’s very close to the teleport point to the north. Here, go west and fly to the ground. So you can see this door here and the Lumenspur locked inside.

How to get to Lumenspur in Genshin Impact

To open a locked room in Genshin Impact, you always need a key. However, first, you need to find the 2 parts of the map that lead to the location of the treasure, which holds the key to open the door. Here’s how to find the map:

  • Original Ad-Hoc Tunnel: The first part of the map is in a bag hanging from a pole in a hut near the stone wall of the mine.
  • Near Lumberpeak Valley in Lewete: The second map is in the pocket of the treasure hunter’s tent. You can get it while doing the world quest Undetected Infiltration of Yanbo the Milelith.
The map marks the points you need to visit in Genshin Impact
The map marks the points you need to visit in Genshin Impact

After getting the 2 parts of the map above, you will have the Treasure Hoarder’s Treasure Map in Genshin Impact. Follow the instructions on the treasure map to find his shop above the glaze (marked). Note that there are some bombs near the tent so you have to work hard.

Later, you can activate the bomb or use the basic fire skill to burn the hay on the ground. This action will show you a trap. Approach, then press the Den of Thieves button. After getting the key, go to the door and open it to enter the Lumenspur.

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Update at 20:32 - 18/08/2023
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