Genshin Effect: Weapon Level Guide

Genshin Impact Weapon Breakthrough Materials Very important, it will help you fight the boss faster. Let’s find out with How to destroy genshin effect weapons Please!

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Genshin Impact weapon upgrade
Genshin Impact weapon upgrade

such as its letters The genshin effect, weapons can be enhanced to an additional level of muscle power with the right materials and Adventure Rank (AR – Advancement Level). The process is the same, but the materials and where you find them differ between weapons and character levels.

Upgrade weapons The genshin effect Enemy drops from Forge Domain and related ARs and components. Weapon upgrades are similar to character upgrades: to open this option you need to reach a certain AR and thus collect some materials you find in the world. The best way to get ingredients is to spend about 20 resin per domain (if you want the ultimate reward). Therefore, players should prioritize what they “plow” each day of the week (such as talent materials, weapon upgrade materials in domains, and daily drops).

AR level corresponds to weapon level:

  • AR 15 – Tier 1 weapon. Boss level increased to 40.
  • AR 25 – Tier 2 weapon. Boss level increased to 50.
  • AR 30 – Tier 3 weapon. Boss level increased to 60.
  • AR 35 – Tier 4 weapon. The level increases to 70.
  • AR 40 – Tier 5 weapon. 80 flats.
  • AR 45 – Level 6 weapon. Boss level increased to 90.
Materials to upgrade weapons
Weapon upgrade materials

When you reach the required AR level, you can upgrade your weapon to a new level. Then unlock the level abilities. Click on Ascend to see the required materials and the location of each. The forging domains of Liyue and Mondstadt are recommended locations, though players will want to keep an eye on when they want to drop the materials they need. Additionally, domain-specific items can be upgraded to higher levels through alchemy, although you can’t craft higher-level items until you get the AR with the corresponding upgrade.

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Suggest some weapons you should upgrade first

Amenoma Kageuchi

  • Max Attack Stats: 454
  • Second Attack Stats: 55.1%
  • Focus on passive functions: energy conversion

Amenoma Kageuchi is one of the first katana-like weapons in Genshin Impact, 4 stars and upgradeable. You can easily do this after completing some side quests.


  • Max Attack Stats: 454
  • Second Attack Stats: 55.1%
  • Passive Focus: Increases normal damage and attack damage

Hamayumi is a great bow for DPS characters like Yomiya, Fishel, and Ganu.

Hakushin Ring

  • Max Attack Stats: 565
  • Second Attack Stats: 30.6% mana regeneration
  • Focus on Passive Functions: Increases initial damage

The Hakushin Ring may not be the best, but with a relatively high attack stat, it’s enough to compete with other genshin effect weapons and support you well in battle.

Update at 14:15 - 11/09/2022
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