Genshin effect to avoid rookie mistakes

Play Genshin Impact It is very common. However, you should avoid it Common mistakes after playing the Genshin effect.

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The genshin effect One of the best free action RPG games released in the last few years. The game offers an interesting solo experience that everyone wants to try. You can play whenever you want without much hassle. However, inexperienced players often make mistakes when exploring the vast open world of Genshin Impact.

Even if you are just starting to play, you will make these mistakes. So, will summarize the most common mistakes while playing Genshin Impact

Genshin effect to avoid rookie mistakes

  • Just roll the letters on the standard banner
  • Use only the most powerful weapons available
  • Just fix the food
  • Hold down the sprint button
  • Do not use basic answers

Just roll the letters on the standard banner

Mistakes to avoid while playing Genshin Impact

Its taqwa system The genshin effect Basically, make sure you get a certain grade for the character after the required number of spins. You can follow Pi by clicking the story button on the greetings page. Here, count the number of rolls to get the 5 star ultimate character Genshin Impact. After the 90th roll you should have a 5 star character.

So you have to roll event banners to get a chance to get new characters, which are not available in standard banners. If you don’t have an event character, you get another character in the standard flag.

Use only the most powerful weapons available

Internal equipment system The genshin effect A bit complicated. While weapons with higher stars are always better, you should read their descriptions carefully. Because some weapons increase their power more effectively when equipped with the right character. Sometimes, a 4 star weapon is better than a 5 star.

You cannot upgrade or own 5-star or 4-star weapons when you first play. So it’s not a bad idea to build low level weapons and relics to get to the early stages.

Get free health from Status of Seven

Just fix the food

Cooking to heal over time is a waste of resources and a waste of time. If possible, assign a healing character to Genshin Impact or use free health from a selection of seven idol blessings.

Hold down the sprint button

Genshin Impact players often hold the sprint button to move faster, but actually pressing it is more effective and saves time.

Do not use basic answers

This is the best way to switch between characters. A genshin effect group usually consists of 4 different components. Try combining flexible elements to quickly defeat enemies. In the early stages, players usually use one character to fight each enemy. It is not effective.

If you are new to the game, you can get Amber, Kaeya, Traveler and Lisa for free along with other characters like Xiangling and Barbara. Let’s create a balanced line and diversify the first answers!

Combine elemental reactions while playing Genshin Impact

Allocate resources when upgrading multiple characters

It is important to note that players should focus on upgrading a group of 4 characters instead of sharing resources with everyone. Prepare a good team to complete the story content and move forward. You stay in this world to get materials to upgrade your favorite character.

In short, focus on just one or two offensive-characters that can carry you instead of using a weak character.

above Mistakes to avoid when playing Genshin Impact for the first time. We share it with Experience the Genshin Impact game You know something else!

Update at 11:55 - 12/08/2023
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