Genshin Effect: The most beautiful and delicate female consul

The genshin effect There are 4 women consuls. They are not only beautiful but also strong. Here are the details Genshin Impac’s 4 beautiful female consulst.

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    the woman

    The girl has a charming and mysterious beauty
    The girl has a charming and mysterious beauty

    Lady is the first female Consul to appear in Genshin Impact. She has attractive and hot looks with perfect triple measurements and a pair of long straight legs. The Signora is also known to friends as The Fair Lady or Rosaline.

    When he first appeared in Venti’s story, his charming appearance made many players fall in love with him. But this beauty was killed by Raiden Shogun. Later, Lady was reincarnated as the Crimson Witch of Flames – the dangerous fire and ice leader of Inazuma. The fire butterfly in the teaser is Signora’s soul.

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    Sandrone is known for his ability to control puppets
    Sandrone is known for his ability to control puppets

    Another cute Consul from Genshin Impact is Sandrone, a delicate doll. He looks small and charming in front of a giant doll – an advanced humanoid machine. However, Sandrone is more dangerous than you think.

    The boy said that every time he met Sandrone, he seemed to want to kill him. Sandrone can control monsters and puppets with “demon” powers.

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    Harlequin is very cold and dangerous

    Harlequin is a great consul of genshin influence with calm voice and appearance. While attending La Signora’s funeral and lying beside her dead partner’s coffin, Harlequin still quietly vents her anger. This dangerous woman can betray her teammates for personal gain. He can fight Rani Sarita in a second.

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    Columbine is small but mighty
    Columbine is small but mighty

    Columbina seems to be the most innocent of the 4 female consuls in the Genshin Impact world, but she can also be the most dangerous. His partner Bata advises you to be careful around Columbine. Although she is called a little girl, Colombina’s energy can be great.

    Note that the consuls are ranked by power and that Columbina is third, behind only Piero and another unknown herald. Also, this particular girl is also the only performer who can sing during the funeral in the interim teaser, leaning on La Signora’s coffin. This secret girl is also chosen as the profile picture of this teaser.

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Update at 15:34 - 10/09/2022
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