Genshin Effect: Elemental Burst is a must have if you want to do maximum damage

Every team The genshin effect Everyone needs at least one supporter with a strong elemental burst. So, advises you Elemental Blast should be on the team to increase damage.

The top character with the best damage boosts elemental burst

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    Kuzu Sara Raiden is very supportive of the Shogun
    Kuzu Sara Raiden is very supportive of the Shogun

    Kujou Sara should not be underestimated with her early burst and massive damage buff abilities for the Raiden Shogun team. Kuzu summons an electro charged area around Sara. Other characters deal a lot of damage in the area Sara attacks.

    You need to activate Bow 6 to heal Genshin Impact Kuzu. When he does, he becomes an ideal DPS, increasing his hit damage by up to 60%. This is why you put Kuzu Sara on the Raiden Shogun team.

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    Bennett is one of the best damage boosters when playing Genshin Impact
    Bennett is one of the best damage boosters when playing Genshin Impact

    Bennett’s Elemental Blast is the best genshin effect buff right now. You should get this 4 star character from your current Kokomi Banner or Raiden Shogun. Then use Noblesse Oblige on 4 parts and earn 4 stars to create Bennett.

    After Bennett deploys the initial burst, it increases the damage of subsequent AoE characters. Bennett can buff characters and support any team, especially when Luo Huan wins Shen Xing in Genxin Impact.

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    Kaedehara Kazuha

    Kazuha's Elemental Blast supports all Genshin Impact formations
    Kazuha’s Elemental Blast supports all Genshin Impact formations

    Another must-have supporting character is Kaedehara Kazuha. Wind damage to the area affected by this character’s elemental blast can cause enemies to lose HP and break their shields. Additionally, it becomes an autumn storm area on the battlefield.

    Autumn Whirlwind Elemental Absorption Trait – Kazuha Genshin’s effect elemental blast can be absorbed from enemies. This element reacts with water, fire, ice and electricity to increase damage.

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    Elemental explosion of sucrose
    Elemental explosion of sucrose

    Sucrose is a very useful but often underrated elemental burst among the best 4 star genshin effect characters. If you can’t get Kazuha or another 5-star character in the air, you should build Sucrose as a support character and increase the strength of the whole team.

    This character’s elemental blast Genshin Impact will stun enemies and launch small monsters into the air before hitting the ground. The opponent deals Anemo damage. Additionally, Sucrose’s Elemental Blast also summons Wind Spirits like Kazuha’s Autumnal Whirlwind.

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    Mona's elemental blast creates a wet battlefield
    Mona’s elemental blast creates a wet battlefield

    Like Kazuha, Mona is a 5-star Genshin Impact character, but her main character isn’t strong enough for a main DPS role. Fortunately, Mona can also be a useful support for elemental burst power.

    Mona will summon and shoot illusion bubbles with an elemental blast to soak everything in the AoE. Additionally, enemies in the affected area take additional damage, especially when Mona reacts to electricity, ice, and fire elements.

  • The above characters have powerful damage-adding elemental bursts that are useful in all situations How to Build a Genshin Impact Team. Any original blast you like, share with readers!

Update at 3:23 - 11/09/2022
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