Genless Zone Zero: Characters and Teams

Like Genshin Impact, Genless Zone Zero There is also a rich character system divided into different factions. That’s it All characters and factions of the gameless Zone Zero.

Genless Zone Zero team and members

  • Kind House (Rabbit Seed)
  • Defense Forces
  • Victoria Housekeeping
  • unknown art
  • H.SOS.6
  • Random Play Manager

Kind House (Rabbit Seed)

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This group of quirky freelancers was founded by Nicole Demara. They are the abundance case management experts. However, it is easy to see that the group is still facing heavy debt.

  • Billy the Kid – A cute and carefree cyborg with a custom dual revolver
  • Nicole Demara – Crafty builder with hammer in hand.
  • Annby Demara – Quiet and mysterious woman with a lightning sword.
  • Nekomia Mon – A “cat girl” who likes fish.

Defense Forces

Genless Zone Zero Defense Force

So far information about the Defense Forces- Not much is known about the Defense Forces apart from the members of Soldier 11.

  • Soldier 11 – An unknown, superior soldier wields a flaming sword.

Victoria Housekeeping

Victoria Housekeeping

Housekeeping gained traction in Victoria before Genless Zone Zero announced its full cast of characters. This high-level organization provides valet – apparently via werewolves and saw-off maids. In the case of Victorian households, it seems that “domestic service” may have required a more brutal form of support.

  • Corinne Weeks – Corinne is the kind of housekeeper who becomes worried and confused as Victoria increases her power over the clients of the household. It is not clear how their saw blades are made.
  • Von Lycaon – not just a real gentleman, reasonable and wise, Lycaon is a werewolf with jet legs, which promises to bring many interesting surprises to players.

unknown art

unknown art

The group is now called Bellobo Industries. However, this is an experiment in Genless Zone Zero. There is still not much information about this group of characters except for a few names:

  • Anton – Holds the main character’s hair like a fist.
  • Koleda – Small man, with two hammers and an axe.
  • Ben – A bear on a leash, holding a heavy wooden plank.


H.SOS.6 in Genless Zone Zero

The trailer released in July 2022 features a group of female demons and catgirls called H.SOS.6.

  • Aokaku – A blue female demon wearing a mask and a large sword.
  • Miyabi – Has cat ears and holds a katana sword.

Random Play Manager

Manage the random game of Genless Zone Zero

The twins own and operate the Random Play video store in New Eridu. You can choose one of two as the “proxy” character. From the video store, they control how the Hollow Explorer moves through each dungeon, but unlike the main characters in Genshin Impact, they don’t fight. Instead, you play as you walk around New Eridu to prepare between missions.

  • Belle: Fast and smart, a happy and easy
  • Wise: Thoughtful and responsible, polite and calm young man.
  • Phaethon: A proxy known for its unique driving technology.

Above are all the characters and factions found in Genless Zone Zero. If you know other characters, share them with readers!

Update at 13:23 - 10/09/2022
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