Garena Free Fire: Everything you need to know about Kenta

the end Update Garena Free Fire OB33, you will have the opportunity to play new characters. Here’s what you need to know Garena Free Fire song.

Kenta is the second swordsman in the Free Fire game
Kenta is the second swordsman in the Free Fire game

Free Fire’s skill system is perhaps the best, giving players many tactical options to defeat their enemies. Usually, one or two new characters are added with each update and Free Fire OB33 is no exception.

In Free Fire Advance, a new mysterious character was revealed and Garena officially debuted Kenta in the original Fire Temple update.

Garena Free Fire song

Kenta is the third character, related to Kelly/Hyato’s story. He is a swordsman and warrior who serves the Yagami family, of which Hayato is the next generation. So, apparently, Kenta is Hayato’s bodyguard.

Kenta appeared in the manga Free Fire. He is the character who came to the island to help Hayato in his quest. Kenta Yagami wears a purple samurai outfit with a cape symbolizing a clan.

Kenta skills in Garena Free Fire

Swordsman’s Wrath is an active ability that creates a shield that reduces damage from frontal weapons. This shield is a rectangular force field, which moves straight and always towards the camera’s field of view.

Kenta's powers are purely defensive
Kenta’s powers are purely defensive

The area of ​​effect of this force field is quite large, so it protects teammates very effectively. Swordsman’s Wrath also has a long usage time. However, it automatically disappears when Kenta explodes.

No one can attack with a Kentar force field in the Temple Fire game
No one can attack with a Kentar force field in the Temple Fire game

Swordsman’s Fury roughly halves enemy weapon damage. This makes almost any attack ineffective.

Kenta’s power in Garena Free Fire


  • The shield is mobile, it can rotate at will depending on the player’s viewing angle.
  • Excellent AoE, protects teammates effectively.


  • Although Force Field is useful, since it is an active skill, you should ignore Light or Skylar skills if you choose.
  • It only blocks half damage, unlike Chrono.
  • The player cannot shoot while using this shield.

Overall, Swordman’s Wrath is easy to use, but has many “holes” in its power. Actually, this skill isn’t very useful in combat because the player can’t block attacks or all damage while using it.

The purpose of using Swordman’s Wrath in FF OB33 is best to create a “fence” to protect teammates from enemy “rain of bullets” while healing or charging weapons. Basically, it works like a glue bomb. Additionally, you can use FF Kenta’s force field while exploring dangerous areas. That way, you can get where you need to go without doing too much damage.

Skill combination to buy garena free fire

You have 3 skill combinations for Kenta in Free Fire:

  • Carry Attack: Kenta + Hayato + Andrew + Antonio
  • Tough Defense: Kenta + Olivia + Thea + Shiro
  • Max moves: Kenta + Jota + Leon + Kelly
Efficiency adjustment for FF procurement
Efficiency adjustment for FF procurement

above Everything you need to know about Kenta in Garena Free Fire OB33. I hope the article helps you find out How to play Kenta Free Fire most effective

Update at 2:37 - 11/09/2022
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