Garena Free Fire: Best sensitivity setting for headshots

FF sensitivity This is very important if you want to win. So, let’s find out with How to hack FF sensitivity For Samsung, Vivo and today’s most popular phones!

Instructions for adjusting the sensitivity of the game Free Fire
Instructions for adjusting the sensitivity of the game Free Fire

Talking about the best battle royale games today, Free Fire is a name that should not be missed in Vietnam. The game has a great system of characters, weapons and gameplay that evolves over time. Therefore, you will rarely get bored when you fight in Free Fire. For a shooter, sensitivity is important and Free Fire is no exception.

What is the sensitivity setting in Free Fire and why is it important?

You may have noticed that when you play Free Fire or any other FPP/TPP game, movement is limited. This is why adjusting the FF sensitivity is important. Free Fire lets you easily change sensitivity settings to enhance your gaming experience. By default, FF sensitivity is set to medium and you can easily adjust the movement of the game. This action gives you better reaction time when dealing with opponents and accurate head shots.

Adjust sensitivity for quick free fire headshots

Gamer free fire Professionals know what they’re doing when it comes to sensitivity settings. However, for new players, adjust the sensitivity free fire A challenge indeed. Those playing Free Fire for the first time should take some time to learn everything about the game.

Banner Game Free Fire
Banner Game Free Fire

If you are looking for How to adjust the best sensitivity in Free Fire Please read the instructions below. Lower settings reduce weapon detection for faster aiming and easier headshots

Sensitivity settings in the game Free Fire
Sensitivity settings in the game Free Fire

Tips for optimal free fire sensitivity for headshots

During the war:

  • Normal: 90 to 100
  • Red points: 90
  • Scope 2X: 85
  • Scope 4X: 70 to 80
  • Sniper Range: 58 to 60
  • Free Attendance: 67

Long range warfare

  • Normal: 100
  • Red points: 80
  • 2X Target: 70
  • 4X Range: 60
  • Sniper Range: 52
  • Free Attendance: 58

In low-profile phones

  • Normal: 100
  • Red points: 90
  • Scope 2X: 85
  • 4X times: 75
  • Sniper Scope: 68
  • Free Attendance: 64

Garena Free Fire details modified sensitivity settings

  1. tomorrow Garena Free Fire And wait for the main lobby screen to load.
  2. the end settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. A new menu will appear. Select the tab Sensitivity on the left side of the screen.
  4. Adjust the settings as suggested above.

In addition to hacking Free Fire’s sensitivity through settings, you need to familiarize yourself with the control layout. Adjust the FF game control layout to suit your preferences and habits. Professional players often use the 3-finger or 4-finger swipe settings to perform quick in-game actions and shoot accurate headings. You need to keep the joystick, shooting center and fire button in the forehand position so that you can touch the buttons while hitting the opponent’s head.

Free fire keyboard layout
Free fire keyboard layout

Also, the transparency of the top buttons also affects the game. Experienced players often keep the transparency of the Garena Free Fire control buttons low to better identify enemies. However, you must remember their location.

Tips for shooting effective one-touch headers

After applying the above settings, players may need to adjust their game slightly to accommodate the sensitivity of their device.

To make a touch headshot, you should always attach a target to your weapon for long-range combat. In melee, you need a gun to hit the head with one touch.

Adjust FF sensitivity for effective headshots
Adjust FF sensitivity for effective headshots

Long range warfare

After detecting the enemy, the player needs to aim, open the ADS (Aiming Display) and tap the fire button. Immediately after opening ADS, the auto-target function aims at the center of the enemy. The important thing to remember is don’t hold down the fire button for too long.

After firing 1 shot, you need to repeat this process continuously 2 to 3 times. After double tapping, drag the lens (crosshair) on the enemy’s head to shoot the head.

Fight the resistance

Shotguns are an important weapon in this fight. The player must be very close to the weapon to deal maximum damage to the enemy. Then aim the head and press the fire button.

Choose the right weapon

You also need the right weapon to shoot a standard headshot. Each FF gun has its own stats, so they have different strengths. If you choose the right weapon, you can kill the enemy with one bullet. Criteria to consider when choosing a head weapon are range and damage.

Free fire is the best boss gun recommended


The M14 is a long-range rifle with an accuracy shooting index of: 57. Players can easily pick off enemies from a distance, and even take headshots with its perfect high shooting ability. That FF gun.

Also, the overall damage of the gun is also impressive and ensures a lot of damage to the enemy.


Groza is one of the most powerful assault rifles in Free Fire. Its accuracy is 54, continuous damage: 61. With these stats, Groza is the ideal choice for medium and long fights, giving you flexibility in tactics.


This list wouldn’t be complete without the best sniper rifle: the AWM. With high damage and accuracy, up to 90, this weapon can destroy any armored enemy with a single bullet. The AWM is a true killing machine when equipped for skilled snipers. You can win many free fire games with this weapon.

Free Fire is an interesting survival shooter whose victory is only for the person who survives until the last moment. So, sensitivity is more important while shooting. when ff Adjust the sensitivity The more accurate headshots you make, the more likely you are to win. I hope to be able to recommend Free fire sensitivity adjustment This article is useful to wrap your head around.

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