Free Fire: Top of the Best Landing Spots on the Alpine Map

Alpine is one of the best designed maps free fire Until now. That’s it Best landing spot on free fire alpine map.

The newest map added to Free Fire is Alpine. It consists of snow-capped mountains and forests. The upper parts of the map are covered with snow and the lower areas are bare. This brings a lot of different terrain to the Fire Pagoda game. Here are the best landing spots for alpine free fire.

  • 0 the first

    snow rain

    Snow on Free Fire

    Avalanche is the second largest landing spot on this map, located northwest of the island behind the militia. But it is relatively safe to land in this area. Players don’t have to fight so much.

    Be prepared for close and mid-range encounters when more people come here. The land in this area has many hiding places. To escape this place, you can use up to 2 ziplines – one of which goes directly to the ocean view.

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    red forest

    red forest

    Forest Red is an oriental themed area, like snow. However, unlike snow, the weather here is not autumn, but winter.

    Besides the unique architecture, the Red Forest is a good landing spot as it is one of the three central Alpine locations. Players and their teams can camp here to dominate as the circle shrinks. Like Avalanche, Forest Red’s loot is also very rich. Being able to land and pick up items quickly is important because enemies will be there soon.

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    the sun

    Forest Red in Free Fire

    Another landmark in the middle of the map, Sunside is often overlooked due to its low loot count and difficult terrain. However, players should land here because they enjoy playing FF.

    Go to the north side of the building for a goody bag.

  • 0 4

    the militia

    Sunset at FF

    Militia is a military base in the Alpine, with the bag scattered in and out. This place has many quality items that can support an entire team. However, it does not have many squares. A high ground charge shooter can see everything. If the player falls behind the opposing team here, it’s best to move elsewhere to avoid the fight.

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    Located across from Avalanche, Vantage is a place that new players can try out. Different from the main map, players who land here can easily pick up some items that enemies are enraged by.

Update at 11:54 - 10/09/2022
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