Free Fire: The best landing spot on the Purgatory map

Landing position is very important in battle royale and games free fire This is no exception. That’s it The best place to land in Purgatory is Free Fire.

The second map in Garena Free Fire is Purgatory, unlocked after reaching level 5. It’s not like other maps. The island is divided into 2 parts by a large canal. This creates a lot of choke points as you have to cross the bridge to get to the opposite island.

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    Thrown into free fire

    Mohaus is one of the few places in Purgatory with a high level of loot. Therefore, attackers often land here, especially if there is a plan.

    The loot here is definitely worth the fight. Try to get off the roof if possible. But the amount of loot is rare, so try to loot quickly and leave the area towards the lake house.

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    golf course

    Free Fire Golf Course

    Outside the main building is where all the looting takes place. A golf course is an open space that is easy to protect. By heading here, the player can collect items and snipe anyone who approaches.

    The golf course is one of the busiest areas on the map – right next to Mt.Villa and Central. Players can land on Mt.Villa, then move to this area as it has the advantage of high ground.

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    the center

    Free Fire Central

    Along with Brasilia, Central is one of the two “hot” drop points on the map. Here, players are constantly fighting for equipment. However, unlike Brasilia, the Central is too small for a single party to claim sovereignty. Looting here is usually concentrated in houses rather than scattered over high ground.

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    Ski lodge

    The ski lodge to the east is another good landing spot for survivors – it’s the largest building on the map. This area is easy to defend.

    Loot can be found scattered on the ground – open fields are a plus, as you can look around and look for enemies. On the right, off the track, there is a car that bags you can leave the area towards the main road.

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    Mountain Villa

    Mount Villa on Free Fire

    This is the highest point on the Purgatory map and similar to Bermuda Peak, the scope for using sniper rifles is high. Players can land here to get sniper weapons and then attack enemies.

Update at 12:22 - 10/09/2022
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