Free Fire Season 28 Ranking: Details and Rewards

ff on return to rank When the old season ends, Free Fire immediately starts a new season. Here’s what you need to know Free Fire Rank Season 28.

The new season of Free Fire has many interesting changes
The new season of Free Fire has many interesting changes

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  • Free Fire for iOS

free fire There is a ranking system and a way for players to compete against opponents from around the world. Players receive ranking points based on results, such as how many targets are killed in a match. At the end of the ranking period, players will receive a reward equal to their ranking and their ranking will be reset from the beginning.

The rating system is one of the most important components of Free Fire. It divides players by skill level while Clash Squad and Battle Royale have two separate ranking points. Basically, they are the same. Among them Bronze – Bronze is the lowest level and Grandmaster is the highest.

FF Ranking Reset Season 28 Release Date, Time and Details

The Free Fire ranked season started on April 27 and will continue until June 16. The 28th season of FF will start on the same day as the old season ends. So players don’t have to wait any longer.

Free Fire rank reset starts the day the new season starts. Garena will demote users based on the rank achieved in the previous season. Also, as per the content of FF OB34, the Exchange Shop will also be updated every new season.

Free Fire Rated Season 28

Below are the Free Fire ranking reset details for the new season:

  • Points: 1000 – 1200 (Bronze I & Bronze II) Points: 1000 (Bronze I)
  • Score: 1201 – 1400 (Bronze III & Silver I) Score: 1130 (Bronze II)
  • Score: 1401 – 1600 (Silver II & Silver III) Score: 1310 (Silver I)
  • Score: 1601 – 1850 (Gold I & Gold II) to: 1410 (Silver II)
  • Score: 1851 – 2100 (Gold III and Gold IV) Score: 1520 (Silver III)
  • Score: 2101 – 2350 (Platinum I & Platinum II) Score: 1610 (Gold I)
    Points: 2351 – 2600 (Platinum III and Platinum IV) Points: 1740 (Gold II)
  • Score: 2601 – 2750 (Diamond I) to: 1855 (Gold III)
  • Score: 2751 – 2900 (Diamond II) Score: 1990 (Gold IV)
  • Points: 2901 – 3200 (Diamond III and Diamond IV) Points: 2110 (Platinum I)
  • Score: 3201 – 6000 (Heroic) Up to Score: 2400 (Platinum III)
  • Score: 6001+ (Teacher) Upto Score: 2600 (Diamond I)

If everyone on the skill table was taken to the same level at the start of the season, it’s better to move up the ranks now. As a result, you can play against many players of lower skill level.

List of banners and rewards after reaching Heroic and Gold levels

the flag

As usual, players will see 5 different banners like S25 Silver, S25 Gold, S25 Platinum, S25 Diamond and Heroic. Players can only get banners when they reach a certain level.

Additionally, players can also get a new themed avatar in Free Fire Battle Royale Season 25.

Rewards for heroes

Players who reach hero level in Free Fire Season 25 will receive a hero level only red outfit.

Skins AUG

Players can get a special AUG gun skin with reduced reload speed and increased firing efficiency at a range. Those who love AUG weapons will definitely be happy with the benefits they get while using this new skin.

Update at 19:38 - 10/09/2022
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