Free Fire OB35: Weapon of choice change

Free Fire OB35 Many weapons he cleaned. That’s it Best FF mods and guns to use in Garena Free Fire OB35.

Weapon modifications presented in Free Fire OB35

  • bison
  • G36
  • M24
  • the stain


Bison in Free Fire

Bizon is Free Fire’s new SMG OB35. It is a powerful weapon, designed for close combat. Bizon has a high rate of fire, can do a lot of damage, but its accuracy is low so it cannot destroy the target. Players should be careful not to waste ammo while using this FF gun.

The best part of this free shooting gun is that it supports almost every accessory in the game. With the combination of Muzzle + Foregrip + Stock, players will have no problem attacking enemies at close and medium range.


G36 in free fire

The G36 is Free Fire’s newest AR. Like FAMAS, it supports 2 firing modes. Attack mode for better damage with less firing range. This allows players to fight more easily in the early and late game. Repeat range mode. Increases damage range and level. If you can do this mod, players can aim more accurately

The only weakness of the G36 is the average index, nothing special. The FF OB35 patch fixes this issue by increasing Assault Mode fire rate by 8% and Range Mode accuracy by 12%.


M24 in free fire

The M24 has become an extremely popular free fire gun since its buff. It is the lightest sniper rifle with high mobility, which allows the player to run comfortably. However, prior to the OB35, this FF gun was classified as low range and damage. So Garena decided to fix the problem by increasing weapon damage to FF OB35 by 8%.


FAMAS-III in free fire

The FAMAS is one of the most difficult weapons to use in free fire, as it is the only assault rifle that does not have automatic fire. Players can only shoot 3 bullets at the same time.

This is why Garena tried to clarify this free fire gun. In OB35, the FAMAS-III gun increases armor penetration by 5%, making it even more important in the late game.

the stain

Free fire SCAR

The SCAR is a mid-range AR weapon, with normal stats, neither high nor low. However, it looks like Garena is trying to change that by adding some damage. Overall, you now have more reason to stick with SCAR late game as his damage is above average.

Update at 14:56 - 10/09/2022
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