Free Fire OB35: Content Description and Recent Changes

Free Fire OB35 Officially launched with many new changes. Update with FF OB35 Let’s see what this latest version of Fire Pagoda can do!

Free Fire latest update

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Free Fire OB35 Celebrating 5 years and collaborating with Justin Bieber One of the biggest updates this year is the addition of 3 new characters to Garena Free Fire OB35, including a new weapon called Bizon. The replay feature has also been updated, allowing players to replay the best action events of each match. That’s it Free Fire OB35 Latest Update Details.

Free Fire OB35 Events Calendar

Time to stop server to update Free Fire OB35

Server FF will be down for about 10 hours on July 20th for maintenance and new content updates. During this time, the player cannot access the game.

  • Start time: 4am (GMT)
  • Closing time: 12 noon (GMT)

Free Fire OB35 file size

In general, like the previous patches, both versions of the game: Free Fire and Free Fire Max have the same updated content with a file size of 400 to 500 MB for Android users and 500 to 600 MB for iOS users.

Free Fire OB35 Calendar Events

Web Event Report Player

This fact is simple. Players just need to check their game status and share on all social media platforms to get free Diamond Royal Vouchers.

Event Time: 11/7 to 20/7

Daily research events and token exchange

During this event, players must complete their daily tasks and earn tokens. Then smash tokens in the store to unlock cool prizes like digital disco hair, Craftland room cards and more.

Event Time: 11/7 to 19/7

Rank CS

Players have 5 days to level up Clash Squads to unlock various rewards including Digital Cores.

Event Duration: July 15 to July 19

Login bonus when a new update is published

On July 28, the event’s “peak” day, players will only need to log into the game to receive the following rewards: Diamond Royale Voucher, Weapon Royale, Universal Fragment, Pet Food.

Free Fire is the new highlight of the OB35

Apart from the above events, FF updated OB35 Get tons of freebies like car skins, emotes, pet skins and other cool stuff.

New map of Free Fire OB35

A futuristic high-tech battle map and new game mechanics. It has two innovations across the area:

  • Anti-Gravity Zone – Where players can jump higher and shoot opponents from the air. This area helps prevent injury from falls.
  • Magic Portal Placed in strategic locations on the map. Players can cross them for fast two-way travel between designated areas. This feature will provide players with many strategies from ambush to skirmish.

Magic Portal in Free Fire OB35

Replay highlights

Replay is one of the best features of Free Fire Max, which allows players to record matches. It allows easy video creation without the help of third-party software. In FF updated OB35, the development team added a feature to this function, helping players observe highlights.

Highlights will focus on the best and most interesting moments of the match. This way, you can better analyze your game after playing.

Update at 15:10 - 10/09/2022
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