FIFA Online 4 (FO4) Game Shortcut.

Using hotkeys always gives you a huge advantage while playing and FIFA Online 4 is no exception. The article will summarize it for you he FIFA Online 4 Hotkeys is most commonly used.

Shortcuts while playing FIFA Online 4 game

Football management game FIFA Online Published by Garena. This is not to be missed for those who love the game of kings, who really want to immerse themselves in the top games on the field. The beautiful graphics and interesting gameplay of FIFA Online 4 is no less than its predecessor FIFA Online 3.

Coming to FIFA Online 4, you will have the opportunity to participate in the FIFA Continental Cup 20 World Finals, meet the talents to break the limits and achieve victory. Asia’s best 16 teams from Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and China will participate in this match. Specifically, FIFA Online 4 It provides shortcuts to players to easily navigate and control team players. The article will give you FIFA Online 4 Hotkeys Need for easy handling while playing.

FIFA Online 4

A player’s skill in the process of playing each strategy, such as FO4, is supported by a corresponding key or key combination. If you practice well and memorize the shortcuts of this online soccer game, you will surely become the best skill player.

FIFA Online Game Shortcut 4

  • function shortcut
  • Shortcuts to control the goalkeeper in FIFA Online 4
  • Shortcut to control FO4 player
    • Attack Shortcut
    • Protection shortcut
    • Corner Kick, Shortcut for Corner Kick
    • Shortcut for direct free kicks
    • Punishment Control (Punishment)
  • What are the default controls in FIFA Online 4?

FO4 Gaming Keyboard Shortcut

function shortcut

  • Alt + Enter: Switch the game screen from window mode to full screen mode and vice versa.
  • ESC: pause, pause the game.
  • Press and hold Tab: View current ping.
  • word is a numeric key 1 is coming 10: Team tactics (tight defense, pressure, counter attack…).
  • the key ], [: Tăng hoặc giảm mức độ tấn công hoặc phòng thủ của team.

Shortcuts to control the goalkeeper in FIFA Online 4

  • W (without ball): Hurry up.
  • W (If there is a ball): Release the ball.
  • A, D: served long, long and strong in the past.
  • S: pass short and light.
  • Z + S: Throw the sphere.
  • Press and hold S: to throw the ball.

FO4 is a shortcut system for playing online soccer games

Shortcut to control FO4 player

  • Z: Get the ball.
  • Z + A: Navigate while shooting the ball.
  • E: Push the press formation.
  • A: Long Pass, Cross, Header, Long Throw.
  • D: shot, volley, header, shot, close shot.

Attack Shortcut

  • ←↑↓→: Move the player.
  • Ctrl + ←↑↓→: Take one touch or long push.
  • Q + ←↑↓→: Stop the ball and look at the target.
  • E + ←↑↓→: fast, fast pace.
  • E + Any arrow key opposite to the direction of movement: Stop the ball suddenly.
  • C + ←↑↓→: Keep the ball, control the ball at the feet.
  • Shift + ←↑↓→: repeating the force, the strategy to avoid people.
  • C + E: facing the dribbler.
  • S: short pass, head.
  • A: Long Pass, Cross, Header, Long Throw.
  • W: punch, throw.
  • D: shot, volley, header, shot, close shot.
  • Q + C: Keep normal shade.
  • C: Hold the ball and cover the ball (behind the player towards the opposition defender).
  • Q + D: Ball kick, ball hit, ball bouncing over the goalkeeper’s head.
  • Q + W: Five scholarships.
  • Q + S: Punch low range.
  • D + D: Sticky shot, head down.

Instructions to play FIFA Online 4 with key

  • D + S + ←↑↓→: Pretend to shoot.
  • A + S + ←↑↓→: to pretend to pass.
  • Z + W: Light up the wall with partners.
  • Z + A: passed
  • Z + S: Low ball pass.
  • C + S: through surprise.
  • to stay Z: technical line.
  • A + A: lower cross.
  • Q + A: Cross the ball immediately.
  • Z: It must be supported.
  • E + C: Canceled.
  • Z + D: Heart cut, shot open (marked on inner cheek).
  • C + D: I shot at once, shot at once.

Protection shortcut

  • S: Change control player.
  • Shift + ←↑↓→: Move players (in the direction of the arrow).
  • A: Collapse and get up quickly after a tackle or slip.
  • Space: Hold the ball.
  • to stay Space To chase the ball: push people, rest on the shoulder, push the ball.
  • to stay D: Close to opponent.
  • D or S: break the ball, head to break the ball (corner kick if the ball is high).
  • to stay Q: Ask your teammates for defensive support.
  • C: with little people.
  • E: Run fast, move the fence.
  • Z: increase in structure.
  • W: The goalkeeper rushes in, bounces the ball (when taking a free kick).
  • C + ←↑↓→: Controversy.
  • Press and hold C + E: Run and control.

FO4 hotkey

Shortcut to throw-in, corner kick

  • A: Loud horn.
  • A + A (Press A twice): Light angle shot.
  • A + A + A (Press A 3 times): Corner Kick (closer to the ground).
  • S: Even after that.
  • Z: Change player.
  • ←↑↓→: Select the target to line up, pass or shoot.
  • C: Call nearby players.
  • D: end, title, volume.
  • S: Back to rhythm.
  • W: Fast Delivery (Custom).
  • A: Long shot.
  • A + S / S + A: to pretend to throw.

Shortcut for direct free kicks

  • D + ←↑↓→: rotate (rotate in the direction of the arrow).
  • Q + D: Custom shots.
  • S: Low ball pass.
  • A: long pass, cross.
  • E: Select the shooter.
  • C: Second kick call.
  • Z: Third Kick Dak.
  • C + D: Let the second player pass the ball.
  • Z + D: Let the third player shoot.
  • W: Jumping ball.
  • D: Defense control.
  • C / E: Move defenses.
  • Z: Increase defense.
  • Ctrl + ←↑↓→: Adjust position.

What are the default controls in FIFA Online 4?

Punishment Control (Punishment)

  • ←↑↓→: Move the player or change the direction of the ball.
  • D: throw the ball, finish.
  • E: Select the shooter.
  • Z + D: cut through the heart, shot through the inner cheek.
  • Q + D: say
  • Ctrl or D + ←↑↓→: Control the goalkeeper while taking a penalty.

I hope the above article will help players to control FIFA Online 4 easily and quickly to score goals in this famous football game!

Update at 10:34 - 10/09/2022
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