Fantasy tower character level list

Fantasy Tower An open world RPG game that focuses on a co-op experience similar to Genshin Impact. That’s it List of all weapons and characters in Genhin Impact.

Unlike Genshin Impact, the new characters in Fantasy Tower are weapon related. Tower of Fantasy has 3 weapon/character tiers: SSR, SR, and R Only the first two levels give players the equivalent of 5 and 4 star characters in Genshin Impact.

Tower of Fantasy Ranking List

layer picture
to come Sameer, Raja, co-author
A Crow, Tsubasa, Huma, Annie, Nemesis, Meryl
to accept Shiro, Zero, Claudia, Echo, Pepper
the old man Cobalt-B, Bai Ling, Hilda

level is required

The characters in Fantasy Tower are world class

  • S-Tiers are currently the best characters in Tower of Fantasy, which all players try to reroll.
  • Samir is now the best DPS in multiple strategies. He is an equally unique fighting character that is much easier to play than other melee characters.
  • The king is the best attacker in Tower of Fantasy. You can apply additional debuff effects to this character.
  • Kokorita is the best healer in the game, making her the best support character and a must-have for harder levels.

A grade

A fantasy tower character level

Level A has interesting and powerful characters, but they are not as good as S-rank but, A-level has enough weapons to start playing the game.

  • Nemesis is a great all-rounder and one of the best characters for new players. He can deal damage and heal at the same time. However, the nature of all his attributes make him a bit weaker than S-Rank.
  • Huma is an intriguing character with the ability to deal damage with an ax and stun enemies.
  • Meryl has the second best ability after King of Tower of Fantasy and gains armor when attacking. But their animation is a bit slow.
  • Tsubasa is a great support character with a great utility and damage buff
  • Crow is a very good DPS character that excels in aerial attacks.
  • Last but not least, we have Eni, the current best SR character in the game. It is a tank that has the ability to freeze and hit enemies very hard. Its A-rated location also accounts for its SR nature.

Tower of Fantasy Character Level Red

Level B

This tier is mostly made up of average SR and weak SSR characters that need a lot of investment to get better

high level

Level C currently has the weakest characters. However, this does not mean that they are useless – 4/5 of them can be useful depending on the situation. SR level characters are easy to get and will definitely serve you well until you get SSR level characters.

Update at 12:26 - 10/09/2022
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