Fall Guys Tips You Need to Know to Survive the Mad Race

Read on friends Officially free to play on all platforms. If you still like this game, you should know this Reading tips Down below.

Read on friends The full name is Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout, which created a “storm” after its launch due to its unique and muddy survival gameplay with graphic design and extremely clever characters. This is a big difference from battle royale games like PUBG, Free Fire, Valorant.

It’s great that the developer decided to “release” Fall Guys for everyone. If you are new to the game, Read on friendsThe tips below will help you.

How to play Fall Guys

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Falling Boy: Ultimate Knockout Tips

  • Fail and learn to fail
  • slowly
  • Expand your horizons
  • Use the correct protective moment
  • Let others make mistakes for you
  • It is important to be aware of challenging patterns

Fail and learn to fail

Don’t let the first failure stop you from continuing to play Fall Guys.

Almost everyone who starts playing this game is helpless in the inexplicable chaos of seeds while walking through narrow corridors or small streets. If you stop demanding perfection from your character, you can easily pass the level and go higher.

How to play Fall Guys


The desire to reach the top, the attractive colors of the Fall Guys characters and the fast soundtrack will make you feel that you have to work hard. However, this only gets you into trouble. For example, in the See Saw level, you have to backtrack a bit because the paths can be filled with “Fall Guy” beans.

It can be impossible for a team with many players to get through the saw blades. No matter how quick your mind is, this mission is very dangerous. By backing off and changing lanes, you and other Fall Guys and Fall Gals can balance concentration and successfully conquer the challenge.

Similarly, in Hit Parade and The Whirlpool, you have to find the right time to cross a dangerous area and know when to wait for the giant objects to move up.

Tricks to make men fall

Expand your horizons

The right console controls and PC mouse are your “best friends” in Fall Guys because knowing what’s going on with your Fall Guy character is crucial. Not only at the career level, you can also see how to read and read others, which is especially important at the Perfect Match level.

In Survival Challenge – In survival mode, you have to keep track of all the moves around, because each move is related to a specific fruit (however, it looks fast). If you rotate the camera to see more steps, you can get a better idea of ​​where to go.

Also, expanding your vision will help you know where other players are running since your teammates sometimes don’t remember all the fields. Just widen the camera angle, tracking teammates and opponents is trivial.

Use the correct protective moment

Team mode level Read on friends This is usually the hardest, but you can help your teammates win knowing that it doesn’t take many points.

Yes, games like Egg Scramble and Hoarders often prompt you to get all the eggs or steal giant balloons from the other team, but that can change when it comes to “the end.”

When you treat a good leader well, you know it’s not over yet. Instead, use this time to prevent other teams from stealing eggs and balls from your “field”. If there are few defenders and many leading positions, you may mistake yourself for an attack. The same is true in Fall Ball (also known as Fall Guys Rocket League) where you don’t want to leave an open goal late in the game.

How to play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout for quick wins

Let others make mistakes for you

Many Fall Guys levels take advantage of things you don’t know about because you’re a new player at the time or it’s a secret move in the game.

The hardest level in Fall Guys is the Door Dash – a race full of doors that you have to get through, especially since some of them don’t actually break as you run.

So instead of taking risks looking for opportunities, stay close to the group but not in front. Ask someone else to do it for you, to help you distinguish between fake and real doors. Then you will find the best way. Watch and learn the best way to pass the difficulty level Falling Boy: Final Knockout.

It is important to be aware of challenging patterns

Gate Crash is one of the hardest levels to beat because choosing the right portal is not easy To complete this level, you must try to run through a series of doors that keep going down and closing. Each door has its own rhythm of opening and closing. If you think that subsequent rows of portals are doing the same thing, you can easily get stuck in the middle. When you hit a portal when you don’t want to, don’t run into another portal right away. Wait for that door to come down. Otherwise, you’ll fall into a loop of extended portals and get damaged

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