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Minecraft music disc There are many types. Let’s find out with Download.vn Everything you need to know about music in Minecraft Please!

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Even though it’s been out for a long time, Minecraft still has the same appeal as today’s blockbuster games It is a creative open world game. From simple blocks, players can create a city, a forest, or any scene they dream of living. Minecraft is not difficult to play and there is a lot for you to explore. There is a music disc in them.

In fact, this article has been around for a long time, but recently, the developer of Minecraft added a music disc to the game in the alpha version. From dangerous and fun songs to dangerous warning soundtracks, beats can break the silence of the world and add a new kind of atmosphere to the entire Minecraft game. But, everything is there Music disc in minecraft Not an easy task. So how many music discs are there and how to get them. Let’s find out with Download.vn!

What is music disk in minecraft?

If you are a music fan, you will love Jukebox in Minecraft. This is something that can be done. The jukebox plays music whenever the player inserts a disc into it. Minecraft There are a total of 13 unique music records composed by C418 and Lena Raine. Players can add their favorite music to the game with mods.

Jukebox in Minecraft

How to Make a Jukebox in Minecraft

To make a jukebox in Minecraft you need 8 boards and a diamond Place the diamond in the middle of the crafting table, surrounded by 8 tables and you have a jukebox.

Recipe for making jukebox in minecraft

Types of music discs available in Minecraft

  • Thirteen – Composer: C418
  • Cat – Composer: C418
  • Block – Composer: C418
  • Ham – Composer: C418
  • Far – Composer: C418
  • Mall – Composer: C418
  • Melohi – Composer: C418
  • Stal – Composer: C418
  • Strad – Composer: C418
  • Ward – Composer: C418
  • 11 – Composer: C418
  • Wait – Composer: C418
  • Pigstep – Composer: Lena Raine

How to use Music Disk in Minecraft

To play discs, right-click them and place them in the jukebox The player can use the hopper to place discs in the jukebox. Click the jukebox again to open the disc and stop playing the current music. The disc was played only once. If you want to listen again, you have to remove the disc and reinsert it into the jukebox. The music played on the jukebox carried about 65 blocks in all directions.

How to use Music Disk in Minecraft

How to get music disc in minecraft

Looks normal

Minecraft Music Discs are available in different regions. In the latest version of Minecraft Java, players can only get 3 music discs this way, specifically like this:

Cave with music in Minecraft

  • 13 Music Discs and Cat Music Discs: 21.8% chance to steal in a dungeon or forest.
  • Pigstep Music Disc: 5.6% chance to appear in generic chests in Bastion Remnant.

Remove items from the vine

When a creeper is killed by a skeleton or wandering monster, it will randomly drop a music disc along with other normal items (except Pigstep).

Get music from Creeper

Another great trick you can use is to make the skull fire an arrow to ignite the TNT block that kills the creeper, then you’ll get a music disk. However, note that this wandering skeleton must have a rocket bow so that it can move through TNT or lava blocks.

Note: Currently, players cannot create music discs in Minecraft, but they can modify the music content using mods or resource packs.

Add music to Minecraft Music Disc

Here’s how to create a custom music disc in Minecraft:

  1. Start by creating a folder with your music recordings. Go to the Minecraft folder > Sounds Projects > Create a new folder.
  2. Open any file window, enter % application informationa, locate the folder .minecraft > Version > Scroll to Current Game Version > Copy File .the vase in a new folder.
  3. Renewal .the vase the castle the jeep > Scroll down to find the file package.mcmeta And package.png > Copy this file to a new folder.
  4. Return to file Zip > Assets > Minecraft > Copy the language file to a new folder.
  5. open file package.mcmeta and change Default data for Minecraft the castle Custom records.
  6. Create a new resources folder > new minecraft folder > new sounds folder > new recordings folder
  7. Drag the language file into the folder Minecraft Again, next to the audio file.
  8. Convert recordings to music now.
  9. Place the converted music recording in the Records folder.
  10. open file en_us.json In the Language folder > Rename the music disc.
  11. Change the recording name according to the disc you want.
  12. Select the folder productfile package.mcmeta And package.pngAnd then compressed into one.
  13. Move them to the Resource Pack folder.
  14. Open the game, find the corresponding music disc and enjoy.

above How to get music CDs and add your favorite music to minecraft game. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 13:06 - 11/09/2022
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