Effects of Ya Miko Genshin: Fundamentals and Skills

Yeah about that A 5-star, Lightning-type character that uses a playable weapon in Genshin Impact 2.5. That’s it Everything you need to know about Yae Genshin Impact.

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Everything you need to know about Genshin Impact

  • Who is Ya Sakura in Genshin Impact?
  • Ya Genshin effect items and weapons
  • How to get Ya Genshin Impact
  • How Ya Sakura works together in Genshin Impact

Ya Miko Genshin Effects Release Date

According to miHoYo, Yeah about that Genshin is the first character to appear in Impact 2.5 under the Wish banner. Since Genshin Impact 2.4 ends on February 15, 2022, you will see the Yae Miko banner on February 6, 2022. Also, the Raiden Shogun banner can also be replayed at this point.

Who is Ya Sakura in Genshin Impact?

Also known as Ya Sakura Ya Miko or Guji. He is in charge of the Grand Narukami Shrine at Mt. Yogu, Inazuma. Also, Yae is the owner of Yae Publishing House which publishes many books in Teyvat. Although he is very young, this influential figure of Inazuma is a longtime friend of the gods Baal and Morax.

Ya Miko Genshin forms the influence

Ya Genshin effect items and weapons

Guuji Yae Sakura will be an Electro-type character. In addition, he will use catalysis (magic) to control electrical elements in battle and exploration. Depending on the material and weapon, Yae Miko can be a secondary DPS fighter – anyone who can act as your team’s DPS.

  • His basic skill has a large AoE and a long duration. You can use this character to use electrical elements on the battlefield and deal heavy damage to enemies.
  • Ya Miko’s basic effects can be amplified to combine with other elements to create powerful reactions such as Electro-Charged, Super-Conduct, and Overload.
  • Ye Miko is also an ideal Genshin Impact character to explore Inazuma. You can easily collect Sakura Bloom while exploring this village. To gather the necessary materials, Yae Miko only needs to use basic skills to obtain the Cherry Blossom Ball.
  • If you can max Ya Miko, you can use this character as DPS. Don’t forget to deal basic damage to increase the power and range of his attacks.

Ya Miko's ability in Genshin Impact

In fact, characters using Catalyst in Genshin Impact always have the ability to create shields. Ya Miko may also have this ability. So, if you haven’t finished before the Genshin Impact 2.1 update, you can join Ya Miko in the Sakura Arborism World Quest.

How to get Ya Genshin Impact

You can only get Ya Sakura through the Wish Banner. From now until Ya Sakura Banner is revealed you will need to farm more primordial stones. Then exchange as many interconnected fortunes as possible. Otherwise, you can buy it with real money.

How to make Ya Sakura in Genshin Impact

Then save and wait until the character wish banner is released. You should use your luck on days when you are likely to get Ye Sakura.

New Yae Miko material

layer The material that Moore
the first Thunder Amethyst Sliver x 1, Sea Ganoderma x 3, Old Paramani x 3 20,000 won
2 Thunder Amethyst Shard x 3, False Dragonhair Fin x 2, Sea Ganoderma x 10, Old Gauntlet x 15 40,000 won
3 Thunder Amethyst Shard x 6, False Dragonhair Fin x 4, Sea Ganoderma x 20, Kageuchi Permani x 12 60,000 won
4 Thunder Amethyst Piece x 3, False Dragonhair Fin x 8, Sea Ganoderma x 30, Kageuchi Paramani x 1 80,000 won
5 Thunder Amethystchunk x 6, False Dragonhair Fin x 12, Sea Ganoderma x 45, Famous Gem x 12 100,000 yen
6 Thunder Amethyst Gemstone x 6, False Dragonhair Fin x 20, Sea Ganoderma x 60, Famous Hand Guard x 24 120,000 won

How Ya Sakura works together in Genshin Impact

As a catalyst character, Ya Sakura has great combat abilities. Depending on the mission and enemy type, you can adapt Yae to a DPS or secondary DPS role. Here are some rules for dealing with Ya Sakura in the Inazuma boss fight.

  • Since the boss Inazuma usually uses a samurai sword, you must recruit characters that use melee weapons and magic. For example, Kamisato Ayaka and Kazuha used swords so they could gain position on the team’s tank.
  • Ya Sakura combines Genshin Impact with DPS Cryo and Pyro for increased damage and elemental response. Ganyu, Hu Tao and DeLuc are the 3 DPS of choice due to their extremely high physical and elemental damage.
Yes with Genshin Impact friends

In addition to teammates, you also need high-level weapons and relics to create a Yae character. However, we still have to wait until the publisher Ya Genshin releases detailed information about the effect skills so we can choose the right weapons and relics.


Ya is the best weapon for Miko

Kagura’s Integrity (5 stars)

As usual, Yae Miko’s best weapon will be revealed with the corresponding flag. Kagura’s true purpose is detailed in Ya Miko’s Gear: every time the player uses a basic skill, they gain incremental damage from that move. After reaching 3 accumulated points, the player’s basic skill damage increases.

This is the best weapon for Ya, however, if you don’t have room for a weapon flag, you have other options.

Skyward Atlas (5 stars)

Skyward Atlas is a weapon that increases base damage by 12%. All normal attacks have a 50% chance to create a special damage cloud that can actively seek out nearby enemies to attack for 15 seconds, up to 160% ATK DMG per cast.

Lost Prayer of the Holy Wind (5 stars)

Increases movement speed by 10%. During battle, deals 8% more damage every 4 seconds, stacking up to 4, lasting until the character falls or leaves the fight.

Above is all filtered information Ya Miko of Genshin Impact. I hope the article is useful for you.

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