Effects of Sweet Genshin Flowers: Where and How to Collect Them

in The genshin effectSweet flowers are an important ingredient in various recipes and articles. That’s it Where and how to harvest Genshin’s sweet flower effect.

Sweet floral with genshin influence
Sweet floral with genshin influence

What is Genshin Impact Sweet Flower?

According to Genshin Impact, sweet flowers are “flowers with a special aroma. They are easy to find even in the dark. Just follow the scent.”

You can use sweet flowers in many ways, as cooking ingredients or exploration tools.

How to get Genshin sweet flower effect


Players can sugar sweet Genshin Impact flowers to create various dishes or use them directly to cook Sweet Madam – the recipe is available at the start of the game.

Sweet Madam is a roast chicken found in the Genshin Impact Mem collection, used to recover 20024% max HP and 900 to 1500 HP when used.

Sweet flowers are the ingredients of sweet madame
Sweet flowers are the ingredients of sweet madame

You can use this plate to complete the Old Test Die Hard quest in Guily Plain. Players can get 20 Primogem with the Zhongyuan Chop Suey recipe.

Items to complete missions

“Give Helen 10 sweet flowers” was one of Mondstad’s famous requests. Genshin Impact players should stock up on this item when they need a sweet bouquet to boost their reputation.

Genshin sweet flower position effect

Genshin effect sweet flower location map

Sweet flowers are not typical of glaze lilies or kingxins. You can stop anywhere while passing through Teyvat.

You must plant Sweet flower genshin effect In Mondstadt and Liyue. Looking at the map doesn’t help much because it’s everywhere.

Sweet Flower location map in Genshin Impact
Sweet Flower location map in Genshin Impact

On the other hand, you’ll find lots of sweet flowers nearby and locations with Monstad’s strongest enemies, including:

  • Mount Stormbearer
  • Starfall is a lake in the United States
  • Adjacent to this winery is Small Island Don Winery
  • Between Mondstadt and Windrise
  • Between the Thousand Winds and the Temple of Mondstad
  • Northwest of Juyun Karst

Meanwhile, lower world rank players should not seek out the sweet flowers of Inazuma and Liu as the low spawn rate and weak terrain may leave them without a hand. In Genshin Impact 2.4, Dragonspine is the only place without sweet flowers.

Buy Genshin Impact Sweet Flower

This method is for those who want to get sweet flowers quickly without going around. This small flower is sold in the shop near the entrance to Mondstad. You can buy 10 cottons for 200 mora/cotton per day.

You can buy Genshin Impact Sweet Flowers at Flora Whisper
You can buy Genshin Impact Sweet Flowers at Flora Whisper


In addition to shopping and walking around the area, you can collect sweet genshin effect flowers through quests. Go to Catherine’s guild in the Adventure Guild and send your character on an adventure.

This way, you can pick 8 to 12 sweet flowers after 20 hours. In a week, you can get 56 to 84 more sweet flowers without much effort.

Place sweet flowers in the kettle

Genshin Impact players can use Tran Ka Kettle’s Cultivation feature to obtain sweet flowers.

Sweet Flower Cultivation in Tran Ka Kettle by Genshin Impact
Genshin effect of sweet flower cultivation in Tran Ca Kettle

First, you must collect sweet flower seeds from the outside world and use the seed dispensary. The more seeds, the more soil to buy for the Tran Ka Kettle.

After planting, the sweet flower takes 2 days, 22 hours to fully develop.

Enemy of sweet flowers

When growing Genshin Impact Sweetflower, you should know that this flower has an enemy in disguise: the Hooperflower. If not guarded, the “Sweet Flower” Hooperflower will be accidentally moved and you will fall victim to the opponent before they can attack you.

Avoid the sweet flower genshin effect that appears on the icon... because it's a trap
Avoid the sweet flower genshin effect that appears on the icon… because it’s a trap

The only way to avoid this situation is to make sure there is a hand icon next to the flower when interacting with it. If it is an icon Drop it.

above Where and how to use Sweet Flower in Genshin Impact. I hope the article is useful for you.

Update at 8:38 - 11/09/2022
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