DTCL Season 7: Ngoc Long Team Play Guide

in Truth Arena Season 7, Ngoc Long is a very strong team if it has good resistance, healing and damage. The following article will guide you on how to play combined Ngoc Long team more effectively.


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DTCL Season 7: Ngoc Long Team Play Guide

Group presentation

First, let’s look at the core strengths of the group:

  • Ngoc Long: Greatly increases the healing and attack speed of champions around the Jade statue

party power

  • Easy to play, easy to form teams
  • Maintaining good health at the beginning of the game
  • Easy to reach surface, strong damage

Weaknesses of the team

  • No shock damage
  • Quickly fixes the depletion of effect counters

How to organize a team


Party generals include:

  • First line: Neeko, Gnar, Shi Oh Yu, Talon
  • The route is as follows: Lulu, Diana, Anivia

Since they are a strong team in the early game and mid game, generals are almost easy to find, and you are best off Anivia. Equip enough magic damage to deal early game damage. At the end of the game, you must return Shi Oh You 2 stars.

How to equip equipment

The team can be offensive and defensive, so you should note that you should use attack and defense states.


  • demonic letter
  • Angel’s scepter
  • Shojin, spear

Shi Oh Yu

  • monster slayer
  • sword of blood
  • infinite power


  • blood armor
  • Stone weapon beast
  • Lightning crossbow

Another tool you can freely use for other generals depending on the game situation.

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Wishing you many victories with the Ngoc Long team!

Update at 0:05 - 16/08/2023
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