DTCL Season 7: Lightning Long Guardian Team Game Guide

in Truth Arena Season 7, the combined formation of Guardian – Thunder Dragon is one of the strongest formations with strong resistance and high damage. We discuss how to play Guardian – Lei Long Season 7 Squad in the article below.


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DTCL Season 7: Lightning Long Guardian Team Game Guide

  • Group presentation
  • How to organize a team
  • How to equip equipment

Group presentation

Overview of the lineup

Includes large groups

  • Guardian: Create a protective shield to help protect yourself and your teammates very well.
  • Lightning Dragon: Deals true damage based on % health and stuns the entire enemy team.


  • Very “buffalo”, very resistant
  • A lot of control
  • Easy to play, keep the blood flowing
  • Good damage when owning Ao Shin


  • It depends on Ao Shin’s damage, if you don’t rotate you lose
  • The team’s strength is in the middle, not very strong compared to other top tier formations.

How to organize a team


Party generals include:

  • Upline:Braum, Ornn, Leona, Taric, Bard
  • The route is as follows: Thrace, Lulu, Ao Shin (2 slots)

How to equip equipment

With this team of Lightning Dragon Guardians, we just need to focus on getting equipment for Ao Shin and the main tank is Braum or Leona, depending on which champion gets 2 stars first.

Come on Shin

  • Shojin Spear: Increases mana conversion to speed up skills
  • Angel’s Scepter: Increases mana and AP
  • Sorcerer’s Hat/Gauntlet Jewel: Increases damage


  • Dragon’s Claw: Increases magic resistance and heals over time
  • Fire Armor: Reduces the healing of enemy tankers
  • Thorn Armor / Gloath Armor / Blood Armor: Increases durability

Lulu should be equipped with other supporting equipment such as Trap Claw, Strength Grail to better protect Ao Shin.

I wish the Thunder Dragon Guardian team many victories!

Update at 19:28 - 10/09/2022
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