DTCL Season 7: Kuong Long Team Game Guide

in DTCL Season 7, Kuong Long is a very powerful team with the ability to deal a lot of damage and heal. The next article will guide you on how to play Kuong Long team to optimize the power of generals.


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DTCL Season 7: Kuong Long Team Game Guide

party power

Main groups:

  • crazy dragon
  • dragon warrior
  • nom
  • conversion


  • Big losses, especially in the late game
  • Mixed magic and physical damage
  • Easy to play, easy to arrange and rotate samples


  • A bit of a weak game early on
  • Shavana is needed in the late game, otherwise she will be weak and have low resistance.
  • You need to reach level 9 to power up

How to organize a team


Party generals include:

  • Hekrim
  • Shabna
  • Shane
  • September
  • Zayah
  • pork
  • ash
  • Sen

How to equip teams

In addition to the main gear for Xayah and Shyvana, we need more attack speed buff gear for Swain to help deal damage.


  • Giant Kill: Increases massive damage to enemy tankers
  • Death Note: Reduces the target’s armor
  • Razor Blade: Increases attack speed infinitely


  • Great Power: Increased damage and resistance
  • Dragon Claw: Great increase in magic resistance
  • Thorn Armor/Blood Armor: Increases health or armor


  • Zeke Storm Gathering x2: Increases attack speed for himself and Xayah
  • Trap Claw: Blocks the first enemy crowd control ability of nearby champions

Above is the complete game “curriculum” for the Quong Long team. Good luck to this team!

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Update at 12:00 - 17/08/2023
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